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'General Hospital' fans upset over Dr. Obrecht being named Chief of Staff

Kathleen Gati plays Dr. Lisa Obrecht on "General Hospital"
Photo by Rob Loud/Getty Images

"General Hospital" fans are passionate at the very least. Soap operas are a dying breed but the loyalty fans have is pretty incredible. There have been rumors about which character would be made chief of staff. Monica was shown confronting Silas about the fact that his name was on the sheet for a potential candidate for Chief of Staff. Today the position was filled at the hospital and Dr. Lisa Obrecht was offered the job. According to a Jan. 20 tweet from head writer Ron Carlivati, fans are quite upset about the way he wrote it. There are some others who are excited about it, but most are completely shocked.

The entire premise is a little odd, even for "General Hospital." Dr. Obrecht has been in her fair share of legal trouble, but with the help from Britt regarding a lawyer and bail, she may be in the clear. Obrecht is a brilliant doctor and it is possible that she could bring great knowledge to the hospital staff. Fans hate the idea but this may be the ground work for potentially revealing the fact that Britt may be Anna and Duke's long, lost daughter.

No one knows for sure what Ron Carlivati had in mind while writing this story line. "General Hospital" fans are clearly thrown by this twist, but it may prove to be worth it.

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