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'General Hospital' fans shocked over 'Daytime Emmy' red carpet mess

Ryan Paevey
Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images

The “Daytime Emmy Awards” were broadcast online for the first time ever this year. "General Hospital" fans were excited to see their favorites walk the red carpet and waited on pins and needles to see who would take home the coveted award in each category. According to a June 23 report from the Washington Post, everything from the red carpet to the closing of the show was less than stellar. Daytime fans everywhere were disappointed in the show all around.

The red carpet arrivals were hosted by four “social media experts.” The ladies were extreme with their comments, and lacking substance. Many of the questions asked didn't pertain to the shows being honored. When host Brittany Furlough cracked a rude joke, Finola Hughes of “General Hospital” scrunched her face in disgust. It was uncomfortable to watch for fans. Several of the male actors were clearly uncomfortable at some of the comments the hosts made about and to them.

Twitter was obviously loaded up with comments, both good and bad. Frank Valentini, the executive producer of “General Hospital” tweeted about how proud he was of Ryan Paevey (Nathan West) in regards to how he handled the red carpet. Apparently the ladies doing the interviews were borderline with their comments when talking about how Paevey looks. He stayed calm and collected, which emphasized how much of a professional he truly is.

Soap and daytime fans everywhere are absolutely disgusted with how everything was handled. While “General Hospital” didn't win in any of the noteworthy categories, the entire cast handled the messy red carpet with class. It was uncomfortable to watch online, but the actors walking the red carpet handled everything incredibly professionally. After the mess that happened this year, fans are hoping a major network will pick up the “Daytime Emmy Awards” next year to avoid a repeat of this year.

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