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‘General Hospital’ casting rumors: Has Billy Miller been cast as Lucky Spencer

‘General Hospital’ casting rumors: Has Billy Miller been cast as Lucky Spencer
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Billy Miller exited his role as Billy Abbott on “The Young and the Restless” nearly six months ago, reportedly over a dispute in his contract that would have allowed him additional off-screen time to pursue other projects. Reportedly “General Hospital” has accommodated Billy Miller’s contract requests and he has been cast as Lucky Spencer.

Lucky Spencer, the son of Luke and Laura Spencer, has been absent from Port Charles, reportedly doing volunteer work in Africa, but a report on Sunday, June 22 says Lucky Spencer may be headed back and that Billy Miller has been cast in the role originated by Jonathan Jackson in 1993.

Sliding Lucas Lorenzo “Lucky” Spencer, Jr. back into the storyline would be effortless at this time. “Fake Luke” has been spearheading the flow of drugs into the fictional city of Port Charles. Julian Jerome named Ric Lansing as his boss, not “Luke” and now Ric is presumed dead. Will Lucky come back to Port Charles to comfort his former wife and love of his life Elizabeth following the "death" of Ric Lansing?

On Sunday, June 22 Billy Miller won another Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama, his last for his portrayal as Billy Abbott on “They Young and the Restless.” Has Miller been Jason Morgan or Lucky Spencer? And will Michael Muhney be cast in the opposite role?

Rumors also have placed Billy Miller in the role of Jason Morgan, a role left vacant approximately 18 months ago by Steve Burton. But with two such legendary characters up for grabs, “General Hospital” may have the opportunity to add both former “Young and the Restless” stars Michael Munhey and Billy Miller to the cast.

Jason Morgan’s name has been mentioned frequently on “General Hospital” these days. Nina Clay, portrayed by former “Young and the Restless” star Michelle Stafford, pointed out to her husband that Sam Morgan is still wearing her wedding band and does not seem ready to let her husband go just yet. Nina, who has awoken from a 20 year coma, is Dr. Silas Clay’s wife. Silas has been dating Sam Morgan, who is the widow of the presumed dead Jason Morgan. Silas and Sam have been dating and recently confessed to each other that they are in love. Samantha Morgan has a romantic connection to Lucky Spencer.