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'General Hospital' casting news: New female doctor role being cast

Kimberly McCullough
Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

General Hospital” has been adding new characters for a while now. Over the last year, several new people have been added to the canvas. While it is nice to have developed story lines which incorporate potential new cast members, there are several long-time characters who haven't been seen on-screen in months. According to an August 7 report from Soap Opera Digest, “General Hospital” is casting a new role for a female doctor. The call also suggests the woman applying should be an actress and a stunt woman. What do the writers have up their sleeves?

Fans have been complaining about the demise of core characters for quite some time. The Quartermaine family was once overflowing with members, and now there are only a handful of them left in Port Charles. “General Hospital” writers are trying to incorporate some veterans, but their story lines always fall to the wayside. In just the last year, at least four new characters have arrived in Port Charles. Three of them are connected to big story lines while one is only on the show part-time.

Right now “General Hospital” is working on bringing back some of the Cassadine family members. Fans have watched as Patrick discovered Robin working in a clinic. When he enters her lab, she admits Stavros Cassadine is in the pod and will likely be alive once again. Robin has told Patrick that Jason is dead, but fans aren't buying it. The official “General Hospital” Twitter page asked fans whether or not they believe Robin was responsible for Jason's death.

There is so much going on with “General Hospital” right now, it is shocking that they are even looking for another cast member. Preparations for November sweeps are currently underway and this role may only be a short-term thing. Fans are waiting for the arrival of the once-dead Cassadine family members, and aching to see Jason return to Port Charles. It looks like this fall is going to be busy!

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