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'General Hospital': Bradford Anderson is bringing Spinelli back to Port Charles

Bradford Anderson
Photo by Imeh Akpanudosen/Getty Images

General Hospital” fans were heartbroken when Bradford Anderson left the show last year. Damien Spinelli was a fan-favorite character for many years. The last story line he had with Maxie and baby Georgie was used to secure him an Emmy nomination. With May sweeps in full swing, fans have been hoping for big surprises. According to a May 6 report from ABC Soaps in Depth, Bradford Anderson will be headed back to Port Charles as Damien Spinelli. While all of the details are unknown, fans are excited about the news.

Fans are hoping that Spinelli will be bringing Georgie back to Port Charles and things will change with the custody order. Maxie has just returned from her journey and it looks like her life is back on track. There is also speculation that Spinelli will be returning around the same time as Jason Morgan will reappear. Their friendship has been a highlight of “General Hospital,” especially in past years.

Bradford Anderson's Emmy nomination was just announced last week. It was a huge week for the actor and his family. Anderson welcomed his second daughter on May 2. He is looking forward to seeing his friends at the Emmy ceremony which will be held in June in Beverly Hills. Coincidentally he is nominated with one of his best friends, Steve Burton. Burton played Jason Morgan for over two decades on “General Hospital.”

While the exact date for Bradford Anderson's return to “General Hospital” is unknown, it is likely going to be happening soon. There has also been no comment about how long Spinelli will stay in Port Charles but it appears it will be for just a short time. The idea of him being able to come and go makes fans a little crazy, but there is definitely no one who could replace Anderson in the role of Spinelli.

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