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'General Hospital' bombshell: Victor Cassadine is running the WSB

Victor Cassadine is back and ready to conquer Port Charles
Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

Stunning revelations have been happening on "General Hospital" throughout the month of January. When it was announced that Dr. Obrecht would be the new Chief of Staff, fans were beside themselves. Questions were swirling and answers were not coming fast enough. It was mentioned that the WSB released Dr. Obrecht and cleared her of all wrong doing. No one could fathom how or why until today. In a Jan. 31 tweet from the official "General Hospital" Twitter account, it was revealed that Victor Cassadine was running the WSB. Fans are still talking about the shocking news and now things are starting to piece together.

Right now "General Hospital" is in the middle of February sweeps. It is known that Kimberly McCullough will be exiting the show, and it looks like the story with Victor Cassadine is the out she needed. Cassadine ended up in Robin Scorpio's home to recruit her to save Helena and Stavros Cassadine. Fans were told that McCullough's character Robin Scorpio would be leaving town because of her love for someone, but it was not Patrick. Fans are thinking that Victor Cassadine will use Robert Scorpio to lure Robin in, and she will be away for some time.

This twist was definitely one of the more surprising ones in recent "General Hospital" story lines. No one is certain how this will all play out and what chaos will ensue once the rest of Port Charles finds out Victor Cassadine is alive, let alone alive and running the WSB. Fans are looking forward to the upcoming weeks and the unfolding of a carefully laid story line.

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