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‘General Hospital’ big scoop Monday: Words of encouragement

Actor Rick Hearst arrives at the annual Daytime Emmy nominee party presented by SOAPnet held at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel on April 27, 2006 in Hollywood, California.
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Last week on “General Hospital”, a surprised Dante learned he had a son. The exposed secret didn’t get in the way of Nikolas proposing to Britt. The engagement led Elizabeth to confess her feelings for Nikolas. Robin shattered the hearts of Patrick and Emma when she announced she has to leave Port Charles. The information Ava gave Sonny regarding Julian exposed funds from a mysterious investor and a nice gesture from Julian won him some points with Sam. Here is what to expect the week of Feb. 24 on “General Hospital.”

As the show celebrates its 13,000th episode on Monday, Ric Lansing returns to Port Charles. He reunites with his daughter Molly, but there is another reason Ric is back in Port Charles.

Robin’s decision to leave Port Charles leads her and Patrick to make their own decision that may impact their relationship forever. Patrick turns to Sabrina for support while Anna senses there is something Robin is not telling her about her sudden departure.

A.J. is determined to regain his memory about what happened on the night Connie was murdered. He may find some answers with the help of Connie’s ghost. Michael is there for his father and offers him words of encouragement. Ava, weary of what A.J. might remember, enlists the help of Carlos to attack A.J.

While Ava is worried about A.J., Silas and Sam’s trip to New York City involves a visit with Ava’s mother. Delia has a warning for Sam, but Sam has her mind on other things. Delia, Sam and Silas all attempt to get the truth out of Nakamura. Something unexpected happens that forces Silas to confront his past.

Back in Port Charles, Nathan tells Kiki about the case against Silas. Kiki also has her mind on other things as her and Michael make a decision about their relationship.

Questions arise as Shawn follows a money trail, but to whom will it lead? Julian has a talk with T.J., which leads T.J. to confide in Sonny and Shawn. Sonny goes to the Metro Court to issue a warning, while Shawn goes to Alexis to fill her in on Julian’s threat.

Sonny shows his tender side when he offers Lulu some advice. Britt confronts and questions Liz in front of Nikolas about Liz’s recent visit with Nikolas. Will the confrontation make Nik more confused about his feelings?

Down the road: A.J.’s confrontation with Ava takes a violent turn. Ric and Liz share a moment. Patrick and Robin’s private moment is cut short, but by what? Emily makes a ghostly appearance and Luke makes a confession to Tracy.

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