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‘General Hospital’ big scoop Monday: One night changes everything

Dante and Lulu Falconeri
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Last week on “General Hospital”, A.J. ended up in a coma following surgery. Ava tried to convince Sonny that they needed to finish him off. Both Britt and Brad expressed internal guilt. Britt wrote a letter to Lulu that ended up in the hands of Elizabeth. Brad felt compelled to confess what he did to Lucas, but Dr. Obrecht kept him in her sights. Luke’s strange behavior continued to worry Tracy and Elizabeth found out the truth about Lulu’s baby. Here’s what to expect the week of March 24 on “GH.”

This week Liesl takes drastic measures to protect Britt’s secret. Lucas confronts Brad about his role in the cover-up. Dante has tough questions for Britt who in turn tries to explain things to a very confused and upset Nikolas. Lulu breaks up the engagement party. Does she finally find out the truth about Ben?

Sonny turns to his old pal Luke and tells him about his suspicions that his brother Ric may be working with Julian. Alexis has some suspicions of her own and confronts Julian who shows his discomfort about the questioning.

In the meantime Ric has his sights set on Elizabeth and tries to persuade her to get over Nikolas and move on. Both Elizabeth and Nik find themselves in danger when Nik visits Elizabeth.

Another truth is revealed this week when Carly finds out who really shot A.J. The revelation will lead Carly to another showdown with Ava who manages to cover her tracks when Kiki catches her sneaking into A.J.’s room. Monica is upset about her son’s current condition and takes her frustration out on Sonny once again.

Silas and Sam have a new suspect in mind when someone ransacks Silas’ apartment. They reach out to Nathan of all people. As Nathan finds out some startling news about his sister, Anna pressures the detective for the truth. Madeline also has shocking news for Silas that will change everything.

Down the road: Nikolas notices something different about Elizabeth. Carly is conflicted about what to do with the truth. Silas, Sam and Nathan work together in hopes of trapping Ava. Maxie returns home in April with a new friend. Ned also returns to Port Charles.

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