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‘General Hospital’ big scoop Monday: Luke’s intentions draw suspicion

Actor Anthony Geary attends the 5th annual ABC and SOAPnet Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS benefit at Marriott Marquis on March 9, 2009 in New York City.
(Photo by Bryan Bedder/Getty Images)

It was quite an interesting week on “General Hospital.” Surprising revelations by both Liesl Obrecht and Madeline (Donna Mills) left viewers asking even more questions and yet another secret threatens to rock the world of Dante and Lulu even further. Luke’s (Anthony Geary) behavior drew some suspicion from Sonny, and Elizabeth received attention from both Nickolas and Ric after the crazy Obrecht shot her. Here’s what to expect the week of April 14 on “GH.”

At the end of Friday’s episode, Liesl mentioned another child to a confused Dante. This week viewers will find out just what Liesl is up to as she tries to cut a deal with both Dante and Lulu. In trying to determine whether or not they can trust the evil doctor, Lulu turns to Britt for advice about the offer. In the meantime, Britt has another emotion to deal with as jealousy takes over her heart when she witnesses Nikolas focusing on Elizabeth. Madeline is forced to reveal a truth when it comes to her family connection.

Luke, or whoever he really is, becomes more of a focus this week. Ned’s (Wally Kurth) return draws more suspicion as he notices some similarities between Luke’s behavior and someone from the past. If rumors of the imposter Luke really being Bill Eckert are true, Ned is one person who can reveal the truth. Ned’s concern becomes Tracy’s (Jane Elliot) concern and Luke makes efforts to ease her mind. Ned, however, isn’t Luke’s only concern. Little Spencer Cassadine warns his uncle about Luke’s plot. How will Sonny receiver the news he receives from a child about one of his best buddies?

A.J.’s murder also comes into focus this week. As Sonny’s irrational behavior draws concern from Olivia, Carlos starts to fear that he might become Ava’s (Maura West) scapegoat in the shooting. As Michael questions and demands answers from Anna (Finola Hughes) regarding A.J.’s murder, Anna and Dante come upon a DNA test they hope will be the key to solving the case. But Anna and Dante aren’t the only ones working on the case. Franco and Carly conspire to get the truth about what Ava is hiding.

Patrick and Sabrina are both surprised when Carlos shows up for Sabrina’s prenatal checkup. The presence of Carlos highly annoys Patrick just before the suspecting parents find out whether they will have a boy or a girl. But why does Carlos show up? Keep in mind that Sabrina woke up in Carlos’ bed the morning following the wedding. Carlos promised Sabrina nothing happened that night, but was he lying?

Why exactly is Jordan in Port Charles? She claims she came for her son, but there may be another reason. Her working for the Jeromes draws discussion between Duke and Shawn. Jordan also does something that proves Shawn has every reason to be concerned about her motives.

Down the road: A.J. is laid to rest. The more Ned witnesses Luke’s behavior, the more determined he becomes to protect his mother. Patrick and Sabrina’s baby’s life is in danger. A young woman catches Morgan’s attention during a moment of betrayal and Carlos makes a confession to Franco.

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