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‘General Hospital’ big scoop Monday: Fifty-one years of Port Charles

Actress Laura Wright arrives to the Disney ABC Television Group's 2012 'TCA Summer Press Tour' on July 27, 2012 in Beverly Hills, California.
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Last week on “General Hospital”, after Lulu exposed the truth about Ben being her son, Nikolas turned his back on Britt who was arrested following Dr. Obrecht taking off with the baby. A.J. woke up just long enough to tell Carly who shot him. Alexis gave in to her passion for Julian. Ava tried to convince Sonny to finish off A.J. Madeline had some shocking news for both Nathan and Silas and Dr. Obrecht’s hiding spot with baby Ben was Elizabeth’s house. Here’s what to expect the week of March 31 on “GH”.

A.J. fights for his life and Monica does everything possible to save her son. Carly won’t forget what A.J. told her about the shooting and she will be conflicted. Sonny sees the conflict and wonders if Carly will keep quiet about his role in A.J.’s shooting just as the two share memories about their long history together.

Nikolas pays Elizabeth a visit and senses she is not alone. He is relieved to learn that she didn’t spend the night with Ric, but does he figure out Dr. Obrecht is hiding out in Liz’s house?

Silas and Sam reluctantly team with Nathan as the Nakamura investigation takes a surprising turn. Someone unexpected is approached about taking down Ava. Morgan starts to have doubts about Ava.

Julian and Luke make plans that could destroy Sonny. Tracy goes to Kiki to discuss what’s been going on between her and Luke. Kiki could be a key to figuring out what’s wrong with Luke. Kiki later bonds with her father Silas.

Dr. Obrecht has a plan and Britt is feels uneasy about it. She may have to make one of the toughest decisions of her life. Brad thinks about coming clean to Felix about the complete truth. He may risk losing Felix also. Lulu turns to Elizabeth for advice.

Shawn is not happy about Jordan’s new job because of her past. What is in Jordan’s dirty closet?

Lucy decides to end things with Scott and focus on her marriage to Kevin, but it may not be easy.

Bobbie has her heart broken when she hears Noah has moved on, will Scott be there to pick up the pieces?

“General Hospital” will celebrate its 51st anniversary this week with a nostalgic look back at the relationships, storylines and special moments that have entered the homes of viewers since 1963.

Down the road: Britt and Nathan have something in common. Sonny senses something if off with Luke. Dr. Obrech has yet another secret. A love triangle may be developing between Nik, Liz, and Ric.

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