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‘General Hospital’ big scoop Monday: Familiar strangers

Actor William Devry arrives at the 82nd Annual Hollywood Christmas Parade on Hollywood Blvd. on December 1, 2013 in Hollywood, California.
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Last week on “General Hospital”, Tracy received a surprise proposal from Luke who seemed not to be himself. Silas was surprised to find Nina missing from her hospital room. Dr. Obrecht confronted Anna about the whereabouts of Fasion. After remembering what happened the night of Connie’s murder, A.J. went to confront Ava. Sonny found A.J. attacking Ava and a shot was fired. Julian was arrested for shooting A.J. and a distraught Michael pleaded with the medical staff to save his father’s life. Here’s what to expect the week of March 10 on “GH.”

As A.J. continues to fight for his life, Carly has suspicions that Sonny is responsible for the shooting. While Sonny tries to hide the fact that he betrayed Michael’s trust, Michael finds out some information that might shed some light on what happened to A.J. Sonny is there to try comfort his son.

Monica begs Patrick to save her son, but someone is out to finish the job on A.J. as Patrick discusses A.J.’s prognosis with Monica and Michael. Morgan has a theory about what happened to A.J and he informs Anna. Duke confides something to Anna, will it be the information she is in search for?

Ric’s return to Port Charles is making some people uncomfortable, particularly Alexis once she finds out what he’s up to. Persuading Ric to represent Julian may backfire also because the two of them already are acquainted with one another. Julian takes out some frustration on Carlos and makes it clear whose side he needs to be on.

Nikolas also has some reservations about Ric being back in town. He doesn’t like him in Liz’s orbit. In the meantime Britt grows even more wary of her mother. As she continues to try to hide the true maternity of Ben, Lulu continues to have dreams about Ben being her son. Is a mother’s intuition at play here?

Morgan has an unexpected encounter with Kiki who is also unsettled by Luke’s odd behavior. Does Luke see a young Laura when he looks at Kiki?

Silas is shocked with someone from his past pays him a visit, but who? Sam believes in Silas and tries to point a very suspicious Nathan in a new direction.

Felix learns about Brad and Lucas and becomes hurt.

Down the road: Michael has to make a difficult choice regarding his father. The reason Nathan is so involved in Silas’ case comes to light. Ghost Emily makes an appearance. Britt continues to try to cover her tracks and Elizabeth once again stumbles upon another truth about Ben.

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