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‘General Hospital’ big scoop Monday: An unexpected discovery

Actress Finola Hughes attends The Art Of Elysium's 7th Annual Pieces Of Heaven at Siren Studios on February 26, 2014 in Hollywood, California.
(Photo by Mike Windle/Getty Images for Art of Elysium)

Last week on “General Hospital”, Ric Lansing returned to Port Charles just in time to interrupt an argument between Alexis and Molly. Julian’s threat to T.J. didn’t sit well with Shawn. Britt confronted Elizabeth about why she visited Nicholas at Wyndemere. Sonny confronted Rick about the real reason he returned to Port Charles. Anna and Robin shared a tearful goodbye. As Silas and Sam searched for answers in New York City, a key witness turned up dead. Carlos’ attempt to kill A.J. went awry. A.J. later remembered Ava was the one who killed Connie. Here’s what to expect the week of March 3 onGH.”

Sonny reassures Michael that he will not do anything to get revenge on A.J. Shawn sees A.J. heading over to Ava’s in a rage. Does he follow him?

A.J. confronts Ava about what he remembered. When her back is against the wall is when Ava is most dangerous. She draws a gun on A.J., which leads to a battle. A shot is fired and A.J. that sends A.J. to the emergency room in critical condition. The sight of A.J. shocks Elizabeth.

Speaking of Elizabeth, she gets another surprise at the hospital as Ric visits her. The reunion draws jealousy out of Alexis when he realizes Ric still has feelings for Liz. Ric later reveals that he wants Molly to live with him.

After the shooting, Anna has no choice but to question Duke. An arrest is made, but who? Duke further compromises his relationship with Anna when he is asked to be an alibi. Anna has her own secret that may come back to haunt her as Liesl Obrecht again demands answers from Anna regarding Faison. Victor Cassadine is willing to provide those answers in return for a price.

Robin continues her tearful goodbye and spends quality time with Emma. Victor encourages a distraught Patrick not to give up hope on his wife.

Luke makes a confession to Tracy. How will the confession affect their relationship?

Silas and Sam make an unexpected discovery when they go to visit Nina Clay.

Carlos finds himself torn between Ava and Julian Jerome. It may come down to who is less dangerous.

Down the road: Luke’s weird behavior continues. Someone from Silas’ past pays him a visit. Sam talks to Nathan about a new suspect and Maxie makes her way back home in April.

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