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‘General Hospital’ big scoop Monday: An awkward situation

Actor Jason Thompson attends The Paley Center for Media Presents 'General Hospital: Celebrating 50 years and Looking Forward' at The Paley Center for Media on April 12, 2013 in Beverly Hills, California.
(Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images).

Last week on “General Hospital” a catfight broke out between Elizabeth and Britt after Liz brought Britt evidence that Dante is Ben’s father. Ava continued her games of manipulations as she tried to convince A.J. that he really did kill Connie. She also proved her love and loyalty to Morgan by giving Sonny information on Julian. Franco rescued Carly, but as a result he found himself fighting for his life. Alexis’ advice to Julian led to a tender moment between him and his son Lucas and Liz went to Dante and Lulu with some life changing information. Here is what to expect the week of Feb. 17 on “General Hospital”.

Elizabeth’s feelings for Nikolas resurface which leads her to seek some advice. Before Nik proposes to Britt, she tells him something that puts him in an awkward situation.

Dante and Lulu’s lives are turned upside down when they receive a shock and then are conflicted about the news they receive.

Is the love between Franco and Carly real? This week he fights his way back to Carly, but will their bond be enough?

Just as Lucas is beginning to give Julian a chance, he receives a warning from his nephew Morgan.

Luke and Scott’s disappearance doesn’t go unnoticed. Both Tracy and Lucy have concerns about the men in their lives, but Lucy’s sudden concern about Scott leads Tracy to question her interest in Scott.

Another woman wonders about a missing man in her life. Dr. Liesl Obrecht demands to know the whereabouts of Faison. Will her demands put the pressure on Anna?

Victor Cassadine throws a wrench in a happy family’s recent reunion. He forces Robin to make a decision that stuns Patrick and leaves Emma’s world shattered. Patrick is left heartbroken. Will Sabrina be there to pick up the pieces? Will Patrick ever be able to forgive Robin?

Michael is having his own issue with trusting Kiki again. This leads her to confide in her father Silas.

Like Lucas, Sam also sees a tender side of Julian.

Down the road:

Ava enlists the help of Carlos to put a scare into A.J. Alexis gets an unexpected visit from a man from her past. Sam and Silas talk to Delia Ryan about her daughter Ava. Nathan fills Kiki in about the case against her father.

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