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‘General Hospital’ big scoop Monday: A surprising announcement

Actor Ryan Carnes arrives at the 32nd Annual People's Choice Awards After Party at the Shrine Auditorium Expo Hall on January 10, 2006 in Los Angeles, California.
(Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

Last week on “General Hospital”, Franco was arrested for the disappearance of Carly. Heather continued to hold Carly hostage while Kiki went to investigate things at Miscavige. Morgan was confronted by Sonny about his latest betrayal, but couldn’t break his bond with Ava. Duke had a confrontation of his own with Anna. Robert Scorpio said goodbye to Port Charles while a Cassadine returned with a big revelation and a request for Robin’s help. Here’s what to expect the week of Feb. 3 on “General Hospital.”

Heather’s plan to get rid of Carly doesn’t go as planned. Her next hiding place for Carly is the catacombs but something happens that results in Heather actually trying to save Carly. Meanwhile Franco comes clean to Kiki that he stabbed his mother, but Kiki ends up in jail right with him. Her arrest and the fact that she is helping Franco angers Michael as he is hurt by the betrayal. Franco fears Heather is behind the disappearance and tries to escape, but is stopped by Dante. After Olivia has another one of her visions, he persuades Dante to go check out Miscavige. What will he find?

Why is Victor Cassadine back in Port Charles? The answer will be revealed this week as he persuades Robin to help him by threatening to expose someone close to her. Robin receives some other news from Patrick that also surprises her.

Just as Nikolas professes his feelings for Britt to Elizabeth, Ben has an allergic reaction similar to Dante, which draws suspicion from Elizabeth. Elizabeth asks Felix for help. Will she be the one to expose Britt’s secret about Ben?

Silas’ arrest prompt Sam and Alexis to question Nathan’s new evidence and his true involvement in the case. As evidence mounts against Silas, Sam begins to wonder about her confidence in Silas when she learns that he has kept another secret. Julian of all people promises to prove Silas’ innocence. Is this a way to get close to his daughter or is he doing it for someone else?

Julian also attempts to get close to Lucas, but when he finds out Lucas is gay, will he have different feelings about his son?

Carlos resurfaces and has a run-in with Julian. Are things starting to crumble in the Jerome organization?

Victor is drawn to someone in Port Charles. Could it be a current Quartermaine?

Down the road:

Molly reunites with her father as Ric Lansing returns to Port Charles. A.J. starts to remember more about the night Connie was murdered. Morgan clues in Sonny that Ava is willing to turn her back on Julian. Liz finds out about the secret Britt is keeping, but gives her the chance to tell Nikolas and Valentines Day in Port Charles comes with some surprises and heartache.

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