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‘General Hospital’ big scoop Monday: A surprising alliance

Actor Ryan Carnes arrives at the Warner Brothers premiere of 'Beerfest' at the Grauman's Chinese Theatre on August 21, 2006 in Hollywood, California.
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Last week on “General Hospital”, Carly continued to be terrorized by Heather as Michael blamed Franco for the disappearance of his mother. Sam learned of some shocking news about Silas’ past. Morgan proved his loyalty to Sonny by dismissing Ava. Sabrina turned to Carlos for help and Patrick and Robin learned of Sabrina’s pregnancy through Felix. Here’s what to expect the week of January 13 on “General Hospital”.

This week Julian finally learns that he has a son. Lulu reaches out to Lucas when she finds out that Bobbie hasn’t told him about the disappearance of Carly. The news brings Lucas back to Port Charles. How will he react to the news that his biological father is alive?

Carly fights for her life as the crazy Heather tries to attack he with a knife. While Michael continues to blame Franco for his mother’s disappearance, others join in on search to find Carly, including Scott and Sam. Franco looks guilty and after insisting that he would never hurt Carly, an arrest is made. Tracy thinks there are pests in the boathouse and sends Luke to check it out. Will this lead to another showdown between Heather and Luke?

Det. West is on the heels of Silas and which triggers a warning for Nathan to back off, but Nathan becomes even more determined and turns up the heat on Ava.

Morgan is warned by Julian and reminded of the consequences that will occur if he fails to convince Sonny that he has switched sides. Ava is up to her own no good when she visits Sonny to push his buttons. Sonny shares his concern over Morgan to Olivia.

After leaning that Sabrina is pregnant, Robin turns to her old friend Elizabeth to talk about Patrick, Sabrina and the baby. Remember that Elizabeth is a close friend of Sabrina’s also.

Lucy continues to deny feelings for Scott and an unsettling dream leads her to turn to Felicia for some friendly advice. She may not like what Felicia has to say.

Down the road:

A new chief of staff will be appointed. Will it be Robin, Silas, Monica or someone new? Anna wonders about Duke and where he has been disappearing. A mystery woman arrives in Port Charles, which leads to trouble. Could this be Nina Clay?

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