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‘General Hospital’ big scoop Monday: A loved one from the past

Donna Mills arrives at the Montblanc Pre-Oscar brunch celebrating Princesse Grace De Monaco Collection at Bel Air Hotel on February 25, 2012 in Los Angeles, California.
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Last week on “General Hospital”, Luke’s strange behavior continued to worry Tracy. Kevin sensed Lucy was distracted and suggested it was because of Scott. Carly accused Sonny of shooting A.J. which Sonny denied because of how much the truth would hurt Michael. A.J. woke up just long enough to clear Julian’s name. Ava’s attempt to finish off A.J. failed. Michael was left with a tough decision. As Sam grew suspicious of Nathan’s true motives, Madeline (Donna Mills) showed up in Silas’ office and refused to tell him where her daughter Nina was and Lulu dreamed that Ben was really her baby. Here’s what to expect the week of March 17 on “GH.”

This week viewers will find out Nathan’s real connection to Nina and why he is motivated to bring Silas down. Sam opens up to Silas about her romantic past. Does this involve her one night affair with Ric? Sparks will fly between the two as they realize they’ve made similar mistakes in their past.

At the hospital, Michael and Monica struggle to do what is right for A.J. Whatever decision they make, it will be up to A.J. to fight his way back to them with some help from a ghostly figure.

Sonny remains conflicted about what he did to A.J., but his suspensions about his brother Ric grows and he turns to Alexis for help to uncover the connection between Ric and Julian. More tension may be on the horizon between Sonny and Morgan as Morgan walks in on Ava making Sonny a proposal.

Patrick’s heart is broken with the departure of Robin and Epiphany is there to notice. She is worried because Drake Jr. is really showing his emotion.

Lulu opens up to Lucas about Ben this week. She also receives a sympathetic ear from Tracy. Dante finally introduces Ben to his grandparents. Brad offers some advice to Britt. This is all connected because Brad intends to tell Lucas the truth about Ben, but Liesl catches on to this and may find a way to prevent that from happening. Britt takes steps to cover her tracks before the party. Ghost Emily returns with a warning. Elizabeth discovers another truth about Ben’s parents. What will she do with the information? Nikolas is outraged when he hears the harsh things Luke says about Britt.

Luke’s behavior continues to make Kiki uneasy.

Alexis has a change of heart when it comes to T.J. Her approval of T.J. will win her some points with Molly. Shawn turns up his guard when an unexpected visitor turns up in Port Charles to visit him and T.J.

Ric has some advice for Cam about Emma. Later Elizabeth is horrified when her son goes missing. A heartbroken Spencer turns to his uncle Sonny.

Down the road: Kiki sees her mother Ava sneaking into A.J.’s room. Something causes Nathan and Silas to actually work together. Carly discovers Sonny was the one who pulled the trigger on A.J. Britt’s world comes crumbling down.

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