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General Beau Lee sets up twitter page for prediction on Groundhog Day

"What will General Beau Lee predict for weather changes for 2014"
Yellow River Game Ranch

During the fifth century, people believed that animals had certain powers and/or supernatural powers on a certain day in the coming year between Christmas and Easter.

The people of Germany and France began to notice that when groundhogs and bears came out from their dens too early they would see their shadow and scurry back inside for another long winter’s nap.

The Germans recited:
“For as the sun shines on Candlemas Day,
So far will the snow swirl until the May.”

The groundhog became the predictor as to when winter would be over; and when spring would begin. If the groundhog saw his shadow, that meant six more weeks of winter.

Note: The first official Groundhog Day celebration took place on February 2, 1887. Ah… in that other place up in Pennsylvania. A group of business men thought up the idea along with a local newspaper editor by the name of Clymer Freas.

While that (what’s his name) groundhog that lives up north in Punxsutawney gets all the publicity, the General just bides his time enjoying his own popularity. The folks in Georgia say that he “probably” is more accurate than that Yankee anyway.

With the extremely cold temperatures Georgia has been having recently, General Lee may decide not to come out at all.

However, those other “predictors” on the weather channel say that there will be a drastic change from the low teens (and single digits) of this past week.

They expect a nice 51 degrees after a low in the morning of 39. They give a small margin for a chance of rain at ten percent. But based on how they missed the severity of this recent snow storm for Atlanta, Georgia – we had all better bet on the General.

Speaking of betting, no one has yet checked to see if the General is a football fan or not. He may be too busy preparing for his Super Bowl Party, as they coincidentally happen on the same day. He seems to have the “pad” for such a party.

All in fun, the folks at the Yellow River Ranch say:

“A lavish addition to Beau’s white-columned Southern mansion is another major surprise. He owns an architectural water fountain; a postal box; a granite monument; a monogrammed lawn marker, sundial, doormat and a satellite dish that allows him to watch PBS nature specials.

He has further enjoyed a broad jump and high diving board which readied him for The Olympics. It is alleged that Beau’s Official Mansion also includes a laptop computer for his prodigious correspondence and a Wine Cellar to recover from the labors of His National Holiday.”

General Lee is not a newcomer to the weather reporting world – this will be his 33rd year. He has been on the Today Show and the Animal Planet. He is also the recipient of two honorary degrees. From the University of Georgia he “earned” his DWP degree, “Doctor of Weather Prognostication.” And he also has a degree of “Doctor of Southern Groundology.” from Georgia State University.

Yellow River Game Ranch has extended this gracious invitation to everyone to come and be a part of the celebration – Yankees welcome as well.

Groundhog Day Sunday, February 2

Beau will arise from his peaceful winter slumber to, once again, accurately predict the continuance of, or end to, a very cold but fairly uneventful southern winter. The wondrous event will occur on Groundhog Day, Sunday, February 2, sometime around 7:15 am.

Witnesses to Beau’s annual prognostication will be admitted for free between 7:00 and 8:30 am, with half-price admittance the remainder of the day.

The King, Queen and trumpeter from Medieval Times will herald Beau’s awakening.

For map and directions, check here.

Check here on Beau’s Twitter Page on Sunday morning for the first word of Beau’s prediction.

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