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Gene Fullmer celebrates award from community service.

West Jordan, Utah is celebrating more than half a century of Gene Fullmer after he retired as the World Middle Weight Champion. Fullmer retired in 1963 with 54 wins, six losses and three draws. After Fullmer retired as World Champion he and his family decided they wanted to give back to the community. The Fullmers opened the Gene Fullmer Recreation Center to “keep kids off the streets, to keep them healthy, and to keep them going in the right direction” noted Cass Ho, a member of the Utah Pioneer Days Committee.

Gene Fullmer realized the effect he had had on the youth and decided he wanted to set his sights on the rising generation. Fullmer and his brothers decided they would have a Golden Glove franchise and train kids for free. Fullmer spent the next several decades following his retirement with his brothers helping at-risk youth in the Salt Lake Valley.

Fullmer at 83 has suffered from health problems but his wife said he was touched by the community award he received. Maybe we could say about boxers like Gene Fullmer that old boxers don’t fade away, they just grow larger.