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Gene DeRosa on '6-13: A Friday The 13th Movie Trivia Book'

6-13: A Friday The 13th Movie Trivia Book

Q: So, you've written a Friday the 13th Trivia Book. Before we get into the subject matter, first I want to ask, why a trivia book?

A: My wife Traci and I have been involved with the online trivia world since about 1996-97. We actually met while playing in AOL's daily live chat room trivia games. At the time, she lived in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and I lived outside of Scranton, Pennsylvania. Long story short about our relationship: We are going on 15 years together -- 10 years married -- and are living in Tulsa. Since we found AOL trivia, we have played thousands of games over the years. I quickly decided to become a trivia host, went through some short training, and became one of AOL's Community Leaders. Once AOL decided to do away with their Community Leader program and essentially destroy hundreds of online groups in the process, my friend Jim and I started our own trivia forum (, which is still going strong and approaching its 9th anniversary. We have live AOL chat room trivia games every night of the week. I personally host two of them at the moment. Over the years, we have made many great friends, and our love for all things trivia has grown. One of our friends from trivia, Brooksanne, will actually be co-authoring one of the first three books with me, a M*A*S*H trivia book.

Q: What made you decide upon Friday The 13th for the topic of this trivia book?

A: My family first got this cool new thing the last week of July in 1981, cable television. I know this because that following weekend a little thing called MTV premiered (August 1, 1981). I was only 9, about to turn 10 in 2-and-a-half months, but I was up at midnight and excited to be tuned in.

My memory is a very odd thing. I can tell you with absolute certainty that on the day we got it put in, the very first movie I ever saw on cable television was "Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory," which coincidentally is just a few months older than I am. I could also tell you that since my oldest brother was a huge fan of The Who, soon after Wonka went off we watched "Tommy." Yet, if you asked me about something from last week, I probably wouldn't remember it.

Now back to the moral of this story. That following weekend an almost 10 year old little boy had a plan that at the time would scar him for at least a month. I saw that "Friday The 13th" was on cable. The plan that was hatched was to turn on the channel it was going to be on and pretend to fall asleep on the couch. Back then I had a bad habit of falling asleep with the TV on, and if someone turned it off while I was asleep I would wake up instantly in a cranky mood. So, I was left to sleep on the couch with the TV on, and the living room light out.

The movie came on, I watched, was terrified, and after the initial terror wore off of my 9 year old self, I was hooked.

My best friend at the time, Craig, and I had sleepovers nearly every weekend back then. At some point when we were around 11, we began renting and watching movies every time -- the scarier the better. We watched everything from the "Faces of Death" series of movies to many, many bad horror movies no one has ever heard of. A staple of those nights was the "Friday The 13th" movie franchise. I think we must have watched Part 4 about 20 times in 1985. That is probably why it is my favorite of the franchise.

Q: What is the meaning of the title of the book, "6-13: A Friday The 13th Movie Trivia Book", and what should we know about the book itself?

A: When I decided to write a Friday The 13th trivia book I went looking for a good release date. Obviously I was searching for an actual Friday the 13th to release it on. Turns out there is only one Friday the 13th in 2014 and it happens to be June 13th. For those that don't already know, the first bit of trivia in the book will tell them that Jason Voorhees was born on Friday, June 13th, 1946. This June 13th is his 68th birthday. I decided that HAD to be the release date, especially since it only falls on a Friday about every six years or so. Not to mention that the full moon is a few minutes after midnight on June 13th, which is a bonus. I also estimated that I should be able to come up with at least 613 trivia questions and facts about the 12 films thus far. So everything came together and I decided that 6-13 would be in the title.

As I said will have at least 613 trivia questions and facts in it, probably a bit more than that. It will include what I am calling is the Kill Index. It is a list of every kill from every Friday the 13th movie, the manner in which the character met their end, and any special notes that might be connected with the kill. For instance, the first kill by Jason wearing the hockey mask, the first kill that didn't involve someone named Voorhees as either the killer or the one being killed, or the first time Jason strangled someone with his bare hands, and much more.

Q: What is the purpose behind your IndieGoGo project?

A: We are going to publish the Friday The 13th book for sure. We are hoping the IndieGoGo project can help generate some buzz about the book, and sell some copies too. The contributions we get from it will help to cover some already incurred costs like the cover art and web site setup, as well as help fund some more advertising campaigns. If things go well enough we may even use a portion of the funds to pay for the cover art for our next book, a Game Of Thrones trivia book which is already in the works.

Also, the bigger picture here is that we have started a publishing company, Samson Publishing Company LLC. Our goal with the company for now is to continue publishing some books of our own and of our friends. The longterm goal however is to help those that want to self publish their own books, but don't want to deal with all the details and hurdles that have to be overcome.

Q: What kind of Perks are you offering to contributors on the IndieGoGo project?

A: Well there is the basic "buy the book" perk, and the option to get a signed copy. Then there are also some cooler ones like a poster of the cover art, a handwritten and signed postcard with the cover art on it that will be postmarked on Friday, June 13th, 2014, the official release date of the book, and Jason Voorhees's 68th birthday. We are currently working out the details and checking the cost of having a limited edition of 25 of the cover art posters signed and number by the artist. Also, there is a perk where if a contributor gives $1000 I will actually write a trivia book on the topic of their choice.

I am also working on some other very exciting rewards at the moment that I cannot mention until I am certain about them. So stay tuned and hopefully things will pan out.

Q: You keep mentioning the cover art, when will it be done, and who is doing it?

A: We found a great artist who has quite a bit of cover art experience as well as experience in other mediums, plus he is actually a fan of the movies, so it worked out great. He is actually from Portugal, his name is Diogo Landô. You can check out some of his work at . We will have updates of the work added to the IndieGogo page and our home page at over the next two weeks, with the final work being finished on or before May 30th.

The setback of having an artist in Portugal do the work is that the USPS charges a small fortune to ship some posters to Portugal, and then back again. We are looking into having them printed in Portugal so Diogo can sign and number them and then we only have to pay the shipping in one direction.

Q: Where will your book be availble for purchase?

A: It will be available through, and our online store at, and will also be available for Kindle at some point. Of course you can go order it right now through our online store or the IndieGoGo page, but they won't ship until June 13th.

Q: What is the reasoning behind your publishing company if books are being self published?

A: While it is easier now than ever to self publish a book there are still so many things an author has to read and learn about. then there is the configuring the layout, and building a web site, and advertising and even more. Most authors don't want to go through all of that. They want to write their content and then see it publish. They don't have a dream that one day they will learn how to setup a web site to showcase their book, or to learn how to format the pages properly for the margins of the book to loo right. they dream of having their work published in book form to share with the world.

Our purpose with our publishing company is to help them overcome all these hurdles and get their books on the market and help them spread the word about them.

For now we realize we will probably just be publishing our own books and books for a few friends, but we hope that before too long others will jump on board and let us help them.

Q: Are there any last things you'd like to share?

A: Yes. First let me say thank you for the interview. Thank you to all your readers. Please remember that even if you can't contribute to the IndieGoGo project you can still help by sharing it with your friends and family and your extended networks on all the social media sites or in email.

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