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Gender, in Principle, Has Nothing to do With Sex

The author of the bestseller "Men are from Mars Women are from Venus," was definitely in the esoteric ballpark with the title. While I support and appreciate the mundane focus of this book and the relationship-mending advise it offers, on deeper level I am moved to expound on the concept of "the sexes" through the context of the divine law particularly the Law of Gender.

To put things in the proper perspective, it must be understood that the principle of gender is at the nucleus of creation itself and represents the dual nature of the universe. The Kybalion puts it this way:

"Gender is in everything; everything has its Masculine and Feminine Principles ..."

This axiom sounds simple enough right? One thing is for sure, there is no shortage of examples of gender manifested in our physical (material) world. Lets start with the obvious examples. In terms of humans, we have women and men,females and males. Our earth-dwelling and water-bound bovine and equine friends as well as our dolphins and whales are represented as cows and bulls, mares and stallions (un-castrated) or geldings (castrated) - ouch!. In the insect kingdom, bees switch it up a bit with queens and drones while birds manifest as cocks and hens. With plants things get a little more complicated with monoecious (male and female parts on the same plant) like corn with its masculine pollen-producing tassel and the feminine seed-bearing ears we eat. Other plants called dioecious (separate male and female plants) like apples down to flowers and lower and lower.

The point has been well established by now that "it takes two to tango." It takes both the masculine and feminine principles working in unison to have creation of any sort on any and all planes. In the mental realm of the ALL, which is a macrocosm of our own minds, we have the Mother mind and the Father mind; both corresponding to functions of generation and creation. For example, the father mind or masculine principle is the initiator, the spark, the fire (seed bearer in physicality) that corresponds to the creative thought that starts the alchemical processes within its counterpart, the feminine. Meanwhile the mother mind is the receiver of the spark, essence or shape of intent (the fertile soil that nurtures the seed to grow) that provides everything necessary for that seed to reproduce according to its kind. While these principles have separate functions, they are in and of one another just like the laws themselves. We see this in the popular "yin-yang" symbol, which itself stands for the duality of life. You will notice that there is a small dot of white inside the black portion of the symbol and a black dot in the white in the black portion. These dots represent the duality of the principle of gender. If you really think about it on a purely human level, every human being is born from the interactions of a woman and a man, yet the female delivers both males and females into this physical third dimension. This proves the point the yin-yang symbol displays; that all humans have both male and female aspects. Polarity determines to what degree masculinity manifests in a female and to what degree femininity manifests in a male but we all have a dot of black and a dot of white within us so-to-speak.

Through the lens of correspondence, a deeper understanding can be gained and we begin to see that outside of physicality in the immaterial mental and spiritual realms, the manifestations of the masculine and feminine principles are somewhat less obvious but nonetheless just as prevalent as matter. Remember, matter is a manifestation of mind and emotions (i.e. E=Electric + motion=movement or vibration = emotion) are a manifestation of spirit which we recognize as feelings. Following this logic, we can begin to understand the less obvious manifestations of mind and spirit through the corresponding components of creation known as gender. Furthermore, some of the masculine and feminine emotional correspondences we can recognize are:

Emotional Correspondences (Spiritual)
love, patience, compassion, intuition, gentleness
logic, creativity, passion, energy, self reliance, intellect

Elemental Correspondences (Physical)
Water, Earth
Air, Fire

Spiritual Correspondences (Mental)
Mind transcends gender.

Planetary Correspondences
Moon, Earth, Venus, Neptune, Jupiter
Sun, Mars, Saturn, Mercury, Uranus, Pluto

This brings us back to our "men from Mars" and "women from Venus" example mentioned earlier in this article. Mars, as it were, is a planet ruled by masculine energy. Mars, our beloved red celestial neighbor is ruled by masculine energy and was also the name of the Roman God of War who also represented virility, aggression and guardianship over agriculture. His divine consort was none other than Venus, our sunny-side celestial neighbor the Roman Goddess of Love also representing fertility, sex and beauty in essence the feminine principle. With this anthropomorphized ancient mating of polar opposites of love and war we have an ancient yet eternal representation of duality, polarity and correspondence. As it were, these Roman and Greek gods and Goddesses were themselves bastardized examples of more ancient spiritual systems and correspondences of ancient Kemet and Egypt. More than 5,000 years ago, what became known as the Roman Venus and the Greek Aphrodite were born of the Kemetic/Egyptian Auset and Isis and the great Osiris and Ausar.

Gender being the seventh of the hermetic principles, the student has witnessed the full scope of divine law yet only the tip of the iceberg of understanding. Still deeper into the rabbit hole will the seeker of knowledge delve only to unlock yet another mystery of divine truth, there are two more axioms to consider. Onward we go.

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