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Gemini Syndrome starts 2014 on tour with RED in the Mid-West

Gemini Syndrome at Revolution Bar in Amityville in New York
Gemini Syndrome at Revolution Bar in Amityville in New York
Annie Atlasman

In 2013, Gemini Syndrome has managed to make all kinds of marks in the rock scene and have become a recognizable entity in several cities. They are taking the right steps to keep moving up and have a great future ahead for 2014, where they are kicking it off with RED.

Gemini Syndrome, Aaron Nordstrom, live at Revolution Bar in Amityville New York
Annie Atlamsan

This past year, they have accomplished by performing for both small and large venues as well as with major bands, such as Five Finger Death Punch, in addition to having their own headliner tour with Mindset Evolution in addition to some festivals such as Aftershock in Sacramento.

I had the chance to catch up with singer Aaron Nordstrom to chat about the band itself. As some may know, Aaron was a guitarist for Otep. Even though he has sung in other bands before, he has usually performed the guitar. With Gemini Syndrome, he was offered to "step up" and become the lead singer. "The transition was interesting. When we all kind of met, the idea was proposed. Hey, do you want to be a front man? And I was like, Yeah, I guess I do. To really step out in the front, was really out of my comfort zone; I had a whole new skill set to learn, to interact with the crowd in between songs and, not to sound arrogant, be the vessel and the audience because thats what you are. It's a skill set to learn and I'm still learning."

For those curious, Gemini being the twins of the Zodiac, represents duality; Syndrome is a collection of traits or qualities. Syn in Greek word meaning to come together or unite. Bringing together the qualities of duality.

The band has been super thankful to the fans for they have been so receptive to the music, the members of Gemini Syndrome are very loyal to their fans, for they wouldn't be able to keep going the way they do if it wasn't for them.

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