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Gemini Syndrome sells out Sunshine Studios Live

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo.—Gemini Syndrome performed in front of a sold out crowd at Sunshine Studios Live, on April 15. They were the headlining act. Suspension Nine, No Thru Traffic and Darkness Within were the opening acts. Starset was the direct support.

Gemini Syndrome sells out Sunshine Studios Live.
Gemini Syndrome sells out Sunshine Studios Live.
Sareth Ney/
Gemini Syndrome sells out Sunshine Studios Live.
Sareth Ney

Aaron Nordstrom is the vocalist, Rich Juzwick and Mike Salerno are the guitarists, Alessandro “AP” Paveri is the bassist and Brian Steele Medina is the drummer of Gemini Syndrome. Juzwick and Salerno also provides backup vocals.

Stage lights remained off and blue lights flickered from various directions, as Harry Belafonte’s “Jump In Line (Shake, Shake Senora)” and Neil Diamond’s “Sweet Caroline” was heard through the house speakers. Afterwards, Medina appeared on stage and squatted on one of the platforms near the edge of the stage. He made his way behind his drums and squatted on top of his drummer’s stool. Paveri appeared next. The rest of Gemini Syndrome soon followed and began with “Lux”.

Prior to the start of “Syndrome”, Nordstrom thanked everyone mentioned they all had a quality, trait or condition they were ashamed of. He advised them to look around, embrace it and to tell them they were not alone. Before the start of the second verse, he encouraged the onlookers to raise their hands and they followed his lead.

Before the start of “Babylon”—Nordstrom asked the audience if they picked up Gemini Syndrome’s recent album, “Lux”. He went onto say if they had not; he encouraged them to purchase a copy and went onto say the song should have been on it. As he provided the vocals, he knelt down on one knee and belted out the lyrics. During the chorus, Juzwick and Salerno assisted Nordstrom with the backup vocals.

Nordstrom encouraged the audience to sing along to “Stardust”, if they knew it and others formed a circle pit for the finale. Afterwards, Juzwick and Salerno gave away several guitar picks. Juzwick grabbed a set list from the ground, rolled it up into a ball, turned his back towards the crowd and threw it over his head. Meanwhile, Medina gave away several of his drum sticks. Nordstrom and Paveri continued to reach out and shook hands with those they could reach, from the stage.

“Pleasure And Pain”, “Basement”, “Falling Apart”, “Belleview”, “El Diablo”. “Resurrection”, “Pay For This”, “Left Of Me”, “Take This”, “Imaginary” and “Mourning Star” were also a part of Gemini Syndrome’s set.

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