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Gel manicure safety: Protect the skin with new nail care product

Protect your nails from the UV lamp of a gel manicure with YouVeeShield.
Protect your nails from the UV lamp of a gel manicure with YouVeeShield.

Since the Hair and Nails Examiner featured gel manicure safety over a year ago, and before, the nail care topic has been the cause of controversy for professionals, gel nail polish manufacturers and salon goers. Renee Albera, president of YouVeeShield, has created a solution to the skin cancer issue that stemmed from overexposure or improper use of the UV lamp used to cure gel manicures.

Not all sunscreens are created equally, and therefore began Albera’s search for an effective, and easily accessible product to block the UV Light from the skin during the curing process of a gel manicure or pedicure. Initially, the creator of the YouVeeShield tried several things suggested by dermatologists and beauticians, but none met the five basic requirements. According to nail experts, gel manicure safety must provide maximum skin coverage, block virtually all UV light, be easy to use, be readily available, as well as be inexpensive and disposable.

Renee’s efforts resulted in the YouVeeShield, which finally puts an end to gel manicure safety concerns over any potential damage from UV light or possible skin sensitivity due to medication or makeup.

The YouVeeShield is a positive solution to gel manicure safety. The nail care product is a .003 inch shield made from a thermoplastic elastomer that contains titanium dioxide, an inert and safe FDA-approved additive that gives the shield its white color and it's UV blocking capabilities.

Tests performed by George Richardson at G & R Labs in Santa Clara, California, known as a “Light Measurement Specialist”, show the YouVeeShield blocks 99.9 percent of the UV Light emitted from the UV lamps examined. Additionally, the reflections from the glove at 365nm (UVA) are negligible for both the LED and UV Lamp sources.This unique elastomer material is soft and comfortable to wear during your gel manicure service. It’s high elasticity without tearing provides a perfect fit for all.

Licensed professionals in New York can visit Renee at the International Beauty Show from March 9 through 11 for more information. Interested parties can purchase a pack of YouVeeShields now to protect your hands the next time you head out to the nail salon for a gel manicure or provide them for clients that frequent your nail spa.

The nail care product is affordable, made in the USA, and the gel manicure safety Shields are distributed exclusively by YouVeeShield, LLC. Renee’s goal is to see the YouVeeShield in every nail salon and spa so all nail guests can be protected during a gel manicure.

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