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Geeky TV News - We have a 12th Doctor! What're we going to do with him?

Peter Capaldi
Peter Capaldi

We now know that he's Scottish, he's been on the show before (much like Karen Gillan, and in the same episode), he's been a fan all his life, he's the second Peter to be Doctor, and he seems to be a nice man.

What we don't know much about is the manner in which he'll be introduced, the sort of Doctor he'll be, or what the show will look or feel like with him at the helm. Here's what this reviewer would like to see:

  • An end to the idea that everyone falls in love with the Doctor. It's been done. And while it was lovely watching 9/10 and Rose, that can't be the only way he interacts with people anymore.
  • With the possible exception of River, if they decide to show us the dates and adventures she's mentioned but we haven't seen yet, though even that wonderful character is starting to feel a little over-used.
  • Male companions! Remember when there used to me more than just pretty girls?
  • Multiple companions that aren't already a pair.
  • Companions that come from different alien planets or other time-frames. Back in the day, the Doctor would pick up friends from places other than just now on Earth, and it was lovely.
  • And adult Doctor. Matt Smith was wonderful and I'll miss him badly, but there was a larger portion of childishness in his Doctor than in any other, and it would be nice if the rebound of that was a Doctor that was adult.
  • An end to the idea that the Doctor will always get darker and darker until he is a horrible monster that will have to be destroyed. That's not the Doctor, and it's depressing.
  • More alien worlds! The market he took Clara to is one of the best locations in this past year. Also more different time-frames, including historicals. We used to get lots of historicals, and there haven't been more than a few brief stop-offs in the whole history of the new run.
  • A grouchy and gruff but loyal and strong Doctor, maybe calling #1 to mind; or a sweet, kind, gentle Doctor to counter how dangerous his last few regenerations have gotten.
  • A regeneration into something that isn't a white male. I feel like the push for it to be a woman or a man of color or a combo was so strong this time that the chances are better that since we didn't get it this time, we'll get it next time. Women can be something other than a Companion!

What do you hope to see as we move into the second half of a century on the air? Share in the comments below!


Samantha Tweets, Tumbles, Blogs and thinks it would have been awesome if she was secretly the 12th Doctor.

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