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Geekie Awards announce Gale Anne Hurd and LeVar Burton to be honored

LeVar Burton
LeVar Burton
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The Geekie Awards are coming back after their inaugural 2013 show and they've announced that the recipient of the Stan Lee Lifetime Achievement Award will be Oscar-winning producer Gale Anne Hurd. Hurd has been a strong figure in the sci-fi genre for decades, from writing The Terminator to producing The Punisher, Aliens and most recently The Walking Dead. The award will be presented to Hurd by the award's namesake and first recipient, Stan “The Man” Lee himself.

Hurd stated “I have always considered myself a geek, so being the recipient of a Lifetime Achievement award named after the 'King of the Geeks', Stan Lee, is really a dream come true.” Along with Hurd, LeVar Burton is being awarded the Geek-of-the-Year Award for raising an astronomical $5 Million via Kickstarter to bring back the beloved children's education show 'Reading Rainbow'.

Burton launched the Kickstarter project back in June and ended only 35 days later with an outstanding $5 Million plus in donations and an extra $1 Million from Family Guy creator Seth McFarland, fulfilling Burton's goal of bringing Reading Rainbow back for every child. Burton is being honored for his dedication and efforts to foster learning in children everywhere regardless of family income or circumstances.

The final award recipient announced was Oculus Rift for the 2014 Geek Cred Award. Oculus Rift took a huge step in changing the gaming world forever with it's revolutionary all immersive gaming headset, finally bringing the long dreamed of 'virtual reality helmet' to life. Showrunner, Kristen Nedopak put it best herself when she said 'We couldn't think of more deserving recipients for this year's show!”

Gibson Brands. Inc. will be presenting the awards this year as well as hosting a public charity auction, the proceeds of which will go to The Jim Henson Foundation. The 2nd annual Geekie Awards will be live-streamed on Sunday, August 17th via Twitch.