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Geek & Sundry announces 'International TableTop Day 2014' to be held April 5th

Today, January 19, Geek & Sundry along with Wil Wheaton announced that "International TableTop Day 2014" will take place on April 5th.

International TableTop Day will be held on April 5th worldwide
Geek & Sundry

The announcement was made during a special VIP event held in Los Angeles, California. The event, easily named "Play More Games," held host to the internet's biggest geeks out there. Some of the guests included "Felicia Day (Supernatural, Geek & Sundry), Seth Green (Family Guy, Dads) Colin Ferguson (Eureka, Haven), Alison Haislip (Battleground, Attack of the Show), Bobak Ferdowsi (NASA), Freddie Wong (YouTube sensation), among others, who joined in with the festivities."

To kick things off, the event started with a panel that consisted of Wil Wheaton, producer Boyan Radakovich, game executive Mark Kaufmann from Days of Wonder, and, moderator, Dan "Shoe" Hsu from Venture Beat. Their panel discussed numerous topics such as the consumer popularization of tabletop gaming, the success of "TableTop", and the need for a community event like "International TableTop Day."

According to the official press release from Geek & Sundry, last year's International TableTop Day hosted " over 3,123 events were held worldwide, with participation across 7 continents, 64 countries and every state and province in North America." Additionally, "over 10 million minutes of the event's live stream was watched" and "#TableTopDay was a trending Twitter hashtag for over a week."

This year, Geek & Sundry is expecting an estimated "6,000 local meet-ups worldwide" and another 11 million online.

Will you and your friends be participating in International TableTop Day 2014?

For more information on the event, then check out the official site here. In addition to being the place to sign up, the website will serve as "a searchable interactive map will show all of the game events and parties worldwide."

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