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Geek Music Enthusiasts Release New Album For A Night Of Pokemon Music and More

Video Games Unplugged Release Party
Press Start 2 Play

The release of a group’s album is always a call for celebration, but when you’re a geek band, your album means more than just great music – it means a range of additional activities that will prove to accentuate the evening’s activities, showing how well this group knows their audience. In short – Press Star 2 Play offers an evening of unbridled musical merriment and mirth … and if you’ve heard their music, you know you’re in for a treat.

Wednesday, August 27th is the scheduled date for “Video Games Unplugged” - a chance to hear Press 2 Start to Play’s latest album “POKeCOUSTIC EP”. As the name suggests, Pokemon is the album theme, so if you’re a Pokemon enthusiast as well as a music lover, then definitely be here for this evening’s entertainment.

With musical support from fellow geeksters like Debs and Errol and The Blast Processors, Press Start 2 Play is already in good company. But in addition to this geek-culture music-fest, the evening also promises gaming and raffles. The band also promises to get into the spirit of the evening by offering game challenges to the audience.

Hosted by The El l Mocambo, tickets are $10 and can be purchased at the door. Toronto creates some brilliant talent, and this extends into the world of geek culture. You can listen to a sampling of their song "Portal to My Heart" music here – give it a go: you won’t be disappointed. It’s three minutes and fifteen seconds of game-themed goodness.

Wednesday, August 27th promises to be a fun-filled night. You can find information and directions to The El Mocambo, here.

Geek-stuff aside, this is just excellent music. It’s fun, it’s filled with an enthusiastic beat and all you want for this band is to continue to pump out music that’s fun to listen to. If you’re into the geek-culture scene, then you’ll love the myriad of Nintendo and gaming allusionary references and subject material. This promises to just be a solidly 8-bit based entertaining evening and is certainly a Toronto event for all geek-culture enthusiasts to attend.

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