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Geek Media Expo updates their website with programming information


Geek Media Expo 2009

What is GMX? A website update has shed some light on that question.

The Geek Media Expo was announced at this years Middle Tennessee Anime Convention (MTAC) and is a non-profit convention hosted and run by the same organization who brought MTAC to life.

The trailer video that was debuted at MTAC made it clear that GMX would cover a much broader swath of fandom, but it wasn't until yesterday's update to the convention's website that prospective attendees were given a glimpse at exactly what would be offered. The site now offers a list of guests and a sampling of the programming being offered during the weekend. Comics related panels include:

  • Feminism in Comics
  • Believable Heroes
  • Watching Watchmen
  • Dissecting Alan Moore
  • State of the Trade

Scott Christian Sava, creator of The Dreamland Chronicles, will also be in attendance, as will yours truly, who will be co-moderating a "Moore vs. Morrison" panel and a "Comics for Beginners" panel.

There we be many other panels as well, covering science fiction, fantasy, technology and science, animation, video and tabletop gaming, Star Trek, Joss Whedon (including a Buffy & Angel: From TV to Page panel), Star Wars, British fandom, books (including a Neil Gaiman panel), the paranormal, adult programming, and miscellaneous others.

GMX will take place October 2-4 2009 at the Raddisson Hotel at Opryland in Nashville. Pre-registration with reduced ticket price ends September 13.

For more info: What is GMX?