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‘Gears of War’ Xbox One expectations and release date discussed by Microsoft

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Phil Spencer has provided some comments in regards to the upcoming “Gears of War” video game, which will most likely come out exclusively for the Xbox One. According to a report from VG247 on Feb. 21, the corporate vice president at Microsoft Studios was asked by a fan about when the next title from the franchise will be coming out.

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Phil Spencer responded by saying that they are still working on the release plans for “Gears of War.” He went on to add that the new title has to “reignite franchise and grow it,” hinting that the development won’t be a “quick turn” as a result. You can find some screens from “Gears of War 3” in the slideshow to the left of the article and the comments from the executive below:

Still working through plan. I can say first original GoW from BT has to reignite franchise and grow it, won't be a quick turn

The “Gears of War” franchise was created by Epic Games. The studio went on to develop the first three games of the series along with working collaboratively with People Can Fly with “Gear of War: Judgment.”

Microsoft Studios announced last month that they have purchased the rights of the franchise from Epic Games. The next title will be developed by Black Tusk Studios, a new first-party development team that was recently formed to work on blockbuster titles.

The development for upcoming “Gears of War” title only started several weeks ago. As a result, the next game in the series may be several years off from release.