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Gearing up for Titanfall

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Prepare for the coming of Titanfall with previews and collector loot!

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In Respawn Entertainment’s Titanfall, the Interstellar Manufacturing Corporation (IMC) clashes with The Frontier Militia over resources and territory in the outer reaches of known space. Central to the conflict are the Titans, massive personally piloted war machines that had reshaped the face of war. While corporate profiteers and likewise greedy pirates tear the frontier worlds apart, regular people who sought a new start in life are caught in the middle.

Titanfall Alpha Test

Abigail Elise of the International Business Times reported that EA had spent out invitations to EA Origin members for the upcoming Titanfall alpha test. There is no formal application process, so members will have to continue checking their email for invitation codes and updates. A schedule for the alpha test has yet to be publically announced.

Collectors Edition and a Limited Edition Controller

When Titanfall is released on March 11th, it will be accompanied by an assortment of collector fare. The Titanfall: Collector’s Edition includes a diorama with an 18” Titan statue as the centerpiece, a hardcover art book, a schematic poster of the Atlas model Titan, and Titanfall for the Xbox One (Respawn Entertainment, 2014a). Players can indulge in the Titanfall experience further with the Titanfall Limited Edition Wireless Controller designed in the style of the equipment used by the IMC Titan Pilots Microsoft Store, 2014). The collector’s edition box can be preorder for $249.99 and the controller for $64.99.


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