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Gearing up for my first CES show, evar!

So I love technology and the CES show is something that I have been following ever since I could remember. Finally, in 2010, I'll be able to actually walk the show floor and attend the CES show. I'll be covering Friday, Saturday and Sunday for both the Examiner and for my MVP blog. You can follow me here or keep an eye on my Twitter account as I take you with me -- except by the end of it your feet will actually not be throbbing!

In talking with colleagues who have done this event before, and as someone who has done events like E3 and PAX in the past, I know that I shouldn't plan to see everything. I should just go for some main points and try to cover them in the best way possible. Therefore, I know for certain there are three companies I'm going to visit: Microsoft (gee, what a shock, I know), Sony and NVIDIA. I'm interested in NVIDIA right now because they put their Tegra chip into the Zune HD and I'm curious to see where they plan on implementing that type of computer-on-a-chip technology next.

Beyond those three companies I'll try to hit some of the manufacturers in the digital and home audio sectors of the show. I'm primarily interested in audio and how that will become this major factor in 2010.

Then of course there will be the parties. I've already gotten into 2 of them for Friday night so I'm definitely looking forward to networking with fellow bloggers and tech enthusiasts. While seeing new products and commenting on the upcoming new advances can be great, I always enjoy these types of events most because I'm able to meet face-to-face some of the great people I follow online and be able to tell them how much I admire their work and to pick their brain a little and gain some knowledge that could make me a better reporter/journalist/blogger for the community. And free open bars help too.

So this is the week, ladies and gentlemen! CES is upon us and now's the time to see what the companies have in store for us in 2010 and beyond! Are you ready!?

Oh yeah, it would probably help if I gave my Twitter account, huh? Follow @tromboneforhire!


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