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Gear to help baby sleep through the night

12 Hours Sleep
12 Hours Sleep
Giordano, Lisa

I know when I had my baby, getting him to sleep through the night was a number one priority, as it is for most parents. I believe there are numerous sources out there that can assist with this, yet so many parents miss the mark, instill poor sleeping habits in their newborns, and as a result, lose much sleep themselves.

Luckily for me, my sister-in-law provided me with a book that really made sleep training easy. This is something that you can implement at anytime within the first year, but I would highly recommend using this book within the first 6-12 weeks to be most effective.

The name of the magical book is, Twelve Hours' Sleep by Twelve Weeks Old, by Lisa Giordano (ASIN:B001I46S9O). And for about $15, you can have the gift of sleep. Since my sister-in-law gave me this book, I have recommended it to many new parents and many have achieved success getting their newborns to sleep through the night for 10-12 hours! This is truly a magic book.

Of course, if your newborn is not in perfect health, i.e., colic or reflux, then it may be more challenging. However, if you have a healthy baby, who is waking up to feed in the middle of the night, then this book will implement strategies that will have your baby sleeping through the night. They key is to be consistent.

I would also highly recommend othe rbaby gear to aid in sleep training such as mobiles and other baby soothers, like the Baby Einstein Neptune Soother. I would not use blankets or toys in the crib until your baby is a little older, around 6 months.

When using sleep training, try to remember this final thought. When you have had a long day, how much do you look forward to getting into your own bed? Think of your baby's crib like this. After your baby's long day. the crib will be his comfort zone much like how you feel about getting into your bed. Do not think of the crib as a scary place, but a safe haven, or a place baby will look forward to going.


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