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Gear Review: Mini Camp Lantern from L.L Bean

Mini Camp Lantern from L.L Bean
Mini Camp Lantern from L.L Bean
Seth Smigelski

L.L Bean’s mini camp lantern is a great inside-the-tent light. It has a lightweight plastic casing that is waterproof and sturdy. The lantern’s LED light is wrapped in a diffusion tube that provides even light, perfect for filling a small room like a tent. The lantern comes with a carabineer that attaches to the top handle so you cab easily hang the mini camp lantern from your gear loft or a tent strap.

The lantern runs on 4 AA batteries and is operated with one button, recessed in the top of the lantern to avoid accidental usage (some flashlights have a way of turning themselves on). Press the button once for low light and a second time for high. Press the button again and the lantern turns red (handy for evening stargazing) and a forth press will make the light blink red. One more press completes the cycle and turns off the lantern.

Bean’s Mini Cam Lantern is 6 inches tall with a diameter of 3.25 inches. It weights eight ounces without batteries. The lantern takes 4 AA batteries (not included) and can run for 26 hours on low or 9 hours on high from a single charge.

There is a fold away handle at the top of the lantern (will not fold away if the included carabineer is attached. The lantern comes in three colors: bright berry (red), deep loden (green), and glacier blue (blue). The black, rubberized base of the lantern unscrews to reveal the batteries compartment. The plastic case in waterproof and the light source is diffused by an opaque tube.