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Gear grinding for Mists of Pandaria and Seige of Ogrimmar raids

World of Warcraft players need to have the right gear score to raid with their guild. Blizzard Entertainment used a simple formula in the past, but Mists of Pandaria abandons the formula. The new process makes grinding take less time.

When a player begins the process of getting the gear required for flexible raids, NPCs direct her to Timeless Isla. Grinding through the quests at Timeless Isle allows her to earn coins and items that bring her gear score up to 496. She can also require a low-level epic weaopn. Random cloth, leather, plate and mail items help her get better gear. Right-clicking on the item produces an item appropriate for the character's specialization. Players can also purchase or acquire burdens of eternity. Using the burden of eternity on the item drops produces an item with a 535 gear score.

Long-time World of Warcraft players remember the older gear grinding system that required them to do heroic dungeons to acquire or to buy gear. Epic items no longer drop in heroic dungeons, although certain scenarios reward such items. Players earn valor points by defeating heroic dungeons and scenarios. They should save these points to upgrade their armor and weapons. It costs 250 points to upgrade an item's gear score by four points, although the cost depends on the number of upgrade slots available.

When a player completes the gear grinding process, she can ask her guild raid leader to add her to flexible raids. Both Horde and Alliance players can help bring Thrall back to his rightful place as leader of the Horde.

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