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gDiapers--A new mom's try at cloth diapers--Best Options

Connor Boyd wearing his gDiaper.
Connor Boyd wearing his gDiaper.
Barbara Boyd

(As explained by Barbara Boyd, a mom new to cloth diapering)
I have to admit, as excited as I was to try the hybrid gDiapers, I was a little scared. The company says that they are best for babies over 8 lbs with "a little chub on the leg". (they do have a tiny size but I never dreamed I'd need them) Naturally, this time around I gave birth to a bean pole, with no chub anywhere, even after a month of chowing down. I also started to freak out that they would be too much work. Regular diapers are so easy and the few extra steps suddenly seemed intimidating. That might have something to do with Connor's knack for peeing and pooping (sometimes simultaneously) when un-diapered. I'm like a NASCAR pit crew trying to avoid yet another assault.
But, I was given a ton of refills when Connor was born and it was killing me to throw away regular diapers while I waited for my baby to fatten up. So I timidly and somewhat clumsily tried my first environmentally friendly diaper and it was great!!
With a little practice, I've developed a pretty good method for disposal and refill. I do keep a few disposables handy just in case I'm caught without a fully prepared gdiaper but so far , so good. Even with the runny newborn poop, there haven't been any leaks. The liners and cover have caught anything that wasn't absorbed in the refill.
The only downside is that they seem a little bulky between the legs but I think that will get better as Connor gets bigger, not that he minds.
Next up I'm trying the cloth inserts- I'll let you know how those turn out.
The bottom line (pun intended): I highly recommend the gDiaper system to anyone who has a baby in diapers or is about to.
Want to know where to find them? The best way to locate a store is by using the Zip Code Finder online.
Here is the link:
There may be stores on your way home from work, by the grandparents’ house, or some other area you visit often. You can search by zip code and expand the search by 50 miles.

MORE FROM Gdiapers
gDiapers now have an environmentally-friendly partner in the cleanup department. gWipes is a new line of wipes, created by the makers of gDiapers, that will help keep your baby’s bottom clean. And not just that. You’ll probably want to whip ‘em out for their messy mouths and sticky fingers, too. They are hypo-allergenic and gentle on the baby’s sensitive skin. Plus, they are biodegradable. The down side is the cost—more than your traditional wipes—but if you have a child with sensitive skin, they may be worth it.

gStyle top and bottoms
gStyle even has a new line of clothes to make covering up your baby’s bum even easier. gStyle has come up with matching tops and bottoms. gStyle can have your little one ready to hit the runway in five seconds flat. In sizes to fit from 13 to 36 pounds, for boys and girls, these cute styles might have you delaying the potty training a while longer just so you can keep them in the outfits a couple more months.

Moms familiar with the gDiapers are all about being good to the earth and the new gTote will help them carry all the diapers, wipes and other stuff their toddler needs while letting them continue their recycling routine. The new gTote is made from recycled sails that have actually traveled the high seas. I adore all things nautical, so that makes it a hit with me. They’re water-resistant and durable. Not a coastal cutie? It’s ok, they’re loved by those who are landlocked, too, and helpful and handy with playdates, shopping or other duties. If you’re into reducing, reusing and recycling, you might want to check these out.



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