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GCG to Sue Kentucky Sheriff


HYDEN, Kentucky - This Saturday, Leslie County plans to host an event known as the "Coon on a Log" race. This entails living caged raccoons, which are placed on small rafts and pulled across bodies of water while large hunting dogs try and kill the animals.

This gruesome and cruel event is sponsored by the Leslie County Sheriff's Office and causing an enormous amount of outrage. According to one spectator from last year's event, the wild raccoons looked like they were "bleeding and near death." You can view the event here.

Animal rights organization Global Conservation Group announced today that it will file a lawsuit against the Leslie County Sheriff's Office if their event goes on as planned tomorrow.

"April 11, 2014

Leslie County Sheriff's Office
22010 Main Street
Hyden, Kentucky 41749

Dear Sheriff Howard,

This letter serves as the formal notice of the Global Conservation Group's intent to file a lawsuit against the Leslie County Sheriff's Office for being in violation of Kentucky Statute "301 KAR 2:081. Transportation and holding of live native wildlife."

Yesterday, we informed you of the cruelty and legality of this event, however, you have disregarded our suggestion to cancel the event. I have instructed our council and Division of Legal Affairs to file a lawsuit if the event using live wild raccoons takes place tomorrow, April 12.

If you wish to resolve this matter without court action, please relay to us your intent to withdraw the use of live wild raccoons in your activity within 15 hours of receiving this notice. If we do not hear from your office, we will initiate a lawsuit in the Leslie County Court.

Your prompt attention is appreciated ,

Timothy Green
Vice President of Communications
Global Conservation Group, Inc."

PUBLIC: Please contact the Leslie County Sheriff voicing your concerns below:

Sheriff Paul Howard
Phone: 606-672-2200
Fax: 606-672-4413