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GCG President on International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia

International Day Against Homophobia
International Day Against Homophobia
Global Conservation Group

Hello, I'm Jordan Turner, President of the Global Conservation Group; Wisconsin's largest animal advocacy organization. As an organization that primarily directs our attention towards animals, we are also a strong advocate for humans as well. It's our responsibility to defend the rights of all living beings.

Time and time again, we as a society, overcome our prejudices, and one day, so will be true with homophobia and transphobia.

Gay and trans people are our family, friends, neighbors, classmates and co-workers. We can see them as human beings – that deserve love, respect and equality under the law.

Although there is much work yet to be done on behalf of LGBT Americans, we have come a long way. But we also have to fight for our LGBT friends in countries like Iran, where nearly 5,000 people have been executed since 1980 for the crime of being born gay. Seven countries execute gay people every day, 93 of them punish homosexuality with jail or hefty fines.

We can overcome these injustices by working together. No matter where you live, urge your congressmen, legislators and lawmakers to speak up and say NO to these executions.
Thank you.

CLICK HERE to check out the video we put together.

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