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GCG and IMMCS Partner to Save Marine Animals

Marine Animal
Marine Animal

Two prominent animal advocacy organizations, Global Conservation Group and the International Marine Mammal Conservation Society have partnered on a campaign called "Spread the Word" which has the goal to educate the public on marine mammals and what can be done to improve their well-being.

The two organizations partnered after it became aware that more needs to be done to help marine animals - including cleaning up the beaches, encouraging customers to avoid SeaWorld and giving beach-goers the contact information they need in the event they spot an animal in need of assistance.

James Anderson, President of International Marine Mammal Conservation Society released the following statement "We must ensure that the marine ecosystem stays protected for future generations. This is why we have launched the "Spread The Word" campaign to help bring awareness to the growing problems the oceans and marine species face. We are proud to partner with the Global Conservation Group, together we can make a difference."

Jordan Turner, President of the Global Conservation Group also released a statement today saying "We are proud to announce our partnership with the International Marine Mammal Conservation Society on the "Spread the Word" campaign aimed at reducing cruelty to marine animals, protecting the environment and educating the public."