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GBF and From Above, two feel-good DVDs from Vertical Entertainment

Proof of love eternal
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The company may be called Vertical Entertainment, but we remain horizontal, watching thweir good DVDs while enjoying the boudoir.
Recent treats: GBF, in which the most popular girls in school vie for the attention of the first openly gay boy on campus in this hilarious, quippy comedy. When GBF’s are deemed the hottest new accessory, the three most popular girls of North Gateway High are determined to land themselves gay best friends. But there is one problem . . . none of the guys at their posh, suburban high school is out of the closet.
Confidants Brent (Paul Iacono)–who longs to be in the spotlight–and Tanner (Michael J. Willett)–who would rather fly under the radar–share the same secret. But when Tanner accidentally gets outed instead of hisattention-loving friend, things get heated as queen-of-mean Fawcett (Sasha Pieterse, drama club diva Caprice (Xosha Roquemore) and sweet, good-girl ’Shley (Adrea Bowen) launch an all-out social war to win Tanner’s status-enhancing friendship.
Now, Tanner must choose between skyrocketing popularity and the friendship he’s leaving behind as the vicious lady monarchs continue to compete for the edgy, high-fashion appeal needed to be crowned prom queen.
By the way, our fave, Megan Mullally, is in the film. And funny.

Second treat: The power of love and its eternal connection is proven in the Romeo and Juliet-inspired tale From Above. William (Danny Glover and Mike Wade) is dangerously close to giving up after losing the love of his life, Venus (Tantoo Cardinal and Chelsea Ricketts). From the side of her deathbed, he reflects on his past with theNative American beauty – whodescended from the mystical Lightning Clan. Though society, cultural circumstances and family pressures conspired to keep them apart, the young lovers devised a way to be together, further strengthening the bond between them.
When William tries to contact Venus from beyond, claiming to see visions of her during storms, their son (Clarence Gilyard, Jr.,) believes his father has fallen mentally ill. But when the two men witness a miraculous event, the power of love’s eternal connection is proven.
An enchanting love story for the ages, also starring Graham Greene and Ashley Bell
No wonder the flick won Best Feature at the AFI Cannes Film Festival.

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