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Gaza Revisited

Two weeks ago I wrote an article entitled, "Who's At Fault In Gaza?" You can read it (or re-read it) yourself but to summarize in one sentence:

Hamas wants to destroy Israel (while Israel wants peace) and Hamas controls Gaza.

Israel has ceded control of the Gaza strip to the Palestinians. The Palestinians democratically elected Hamas to control day to day operations in Gaza and the result has been chaotic for Israel. Hamas has stockpiled weapons, hidden them among the civilian populace, and launched rockets into Israel from positions protected by "human shields"- the very citizens who elected them in the first place.

Many Hamas apologists have said this is because Gaza is so densely populated, but the facts say otherwise. If the use of human shields can be avoided does it follow that the use of innocents is a strategy used deliberately by Hamas? This would seem to be the logical conclusion, however logic seems to go out the window every time the Middle East situation is discussed. (A several thousand year blood feud has a tendency to ignore logic, I guess.)

Since my last article, I've seen some very unsettling things happening both in the United States and Europe. Anti-Israel demonstrations are popping up in some cities in the US, including New York, Washington, DC and Los Angeles. Several European cities have seen the same anti-Israel demonstrations with a distinct anti-Semitic bent to them. The question must be asked, why does the Israeli people engender such visceral hatred among some groups? When swastikas start showing up again on the continent where they were once a symbol of the worst type of race hatred we should all be concerned.

People in the streets shouting "Death to the Jews" and "Gas the Jews" ought to cause even the most ardent Palestinian supporter to take pause, unless those slogans mirror their emotions regarding the Palestine-Israel conflict. Dennis Prager has a Youtube video that cuts to the heart of the conflict. He calls it the "easiest to explain" even if it's the "hardest to solve". Near the end he has a simple comparison that illustrates who is causing the conflict. To summarize Mr. Prager's argument:

If Israel said "Tomorrow we will lay down our arms and fight no more." What would happen? The answer is that all the Israelis would be slaughtered and Israel would cease to exist. Now if the Arab nations committed to the obliteration of Israel said, "Tomorrow we will lay down our weapons and fight no more." What would happen. Peace would happen.

As I said at the end of my last article on the conflict, "After the real Nazis were defeated, the world said never again." As I also said at the end of that article, based on what I'm now seeing, "Never again?"

I wonder.

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