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Report this ad reports Bank of America won't lend you money to buy a Saab


  • Saad Saaber 6 years ago

    This is so sad, nice cars, nice people driving them.. everyone else trying go get a punch at SAAB lying bleeding on the floor.

    Cruel world!

  • Paul 6 years ago

    Nothing's wrong with Saabs. They do depreciate a bit quickly, which could be what the bank is worried about. They also may be concerned that the value of the car will plummet if a buyer is not found. It won't. There will be plenty of demand and if there's no buyer, GM is required to make parts, honor warranties, etc.

    My guess is that there's like one guy at BOA who reads the news and saw that Saab's future is in the balance and recommended no loans on them.

    Remember, we're talking about people who thought it was a good idea to loan half a million dollars for someone to buy a house without verifying if he had a job, they aren't rocket scientists.

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