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Gayle Sorrentino's sinkhole surprise: Giant hole swallows a woman and her car

Gayle Sorrentino was in for a surprise when she ran into a sinkhole while she was driving. The New York resident was trying to park her Subaru in her driveway on Feb. 21 when her car literally took a nose dive with Sorrentino going down right along with her white sedan.

An example of a car being swallowed by a sinkhole
Photo by Logan Mock-Bunting/Getty Images

According to Newsday, this driver was about to try to crawl out of a window of her car but decided to call 911 first.

Happily, first responders from the local Rockville Centre fire and police departments were able to save Sorrentino with the rescue coming after the 69-year-old retiree said she had the feeling that "the ground fell out from under [her]."

And that's just what happened to the victim of the vicious sinkhole that measured between 10 and 15 feet deep. Gayle's strange accident came about without any warning.

So what happened after local fire chief John Thorp went down a ladder to save the lady in distress by pulling her out of the driver's side window?

His fellow first responders were able to drive the car down the driveway. Then, these guys parked this vehicle on the street where it belonged.

Sorrentino told the New York Daily News that it was "like a little miracle."

And so, as Gayle Sorrentino was welcomed home by a sinkhole surprise on Friday when a giant hole swallowed the woman and her car, this senior citizen was right with the world following her rescue and so was her little white Subaru.

Sinkholes have been wrecking havoc all over the nation this year, including in Chicago, Ohio, and Florida and well as in New York on Feb. 21 as seen in the video above. That said, steer clear of these huge potholes as much as possible -- pun intended.

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