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Gayle Rappaport-Weiland organizes Art & Brew

Upcoming April event, Art & Brew, will be a day of exciting collaborations featuring art, craft beer, and the Placer SPCA. This exciting partnership came about through one local artist's commitment to both art and people and the bonds that are forged through mutual hard work and heart. Gayle Rappaport-Weiland is curating the event utilizing her vast knowledge of the art world as well as her extensive experience in managing projects, exhibits, workshops and classes. She is a woman "from another world" where "the dreams that she paints in her mind come true."

Gayle Rappaport-Weiland
Gayle Rappaport-Weiland
Some of Gayle Rappaport-Weiland's art
Gayle Rappaport-Weiland

Gayle started her journey as an artist as a watercolorist with an enthusiasm for imbuing her work with movement and candor. Upon the addition of acrylics she expanded her techniques and fell in love with the “unlimited freedom of expression and the contemporary aspect” that the medium brought to her work. Her current styles are predominantly abstract paintings, watercolors, impressionistic works, floral and mixed media.

When Gayle paints she lets her heart and soul guide her. Since she is an intuitive painter, her work moves beyond technique and training into an expression of “the inner depths of her soul’s energy.” Ideally all artists would eventually move into this deeper expression of feeling and purpose in order to communicate their ideas and perceptions to the world. Not all succeed but this is a story of well-deserving success.

With a completely developed background in the arts through numerous classes and workshops from nationally known experts, a BSA degree in Recreation with an emphasis in Art and Special and Environmental Education and over 30 years hands-on experience, Rappaport-Weiland has herself become an instructor, a recognized curator, an art juror, a spokesperson as an on-air art expert and more. Art is simply part of what drives her like fuel makes the car go.

Gayle Rappaport-Weiland says “I’d like to say that I am in control of the painting process, but I truly am not. The painting is my guide and I allow it to take me to new heights.” Gayle shares those heights by revealing her art to the world as well as supporting others in their artistic pursuits. She explains that “my goal is to be the best person I can be and share my integrity and enthusiasm through my straightforward and direct approach to life.” Gayle is an artist who is also a philosopher of the sort that produces inspirational images. She brings her perspective to life by “loosely putting color to the canvas.” From that point “many decisions go on while painting.” “It is a give and take endeavor, much like life," she says. "I intuitively know when my piece is prepared for the public to view. A feeling of satisfaction and joy comes over me. It is important to me that my paintings bring happiness and evoke an emotional response.”

Art & Brew is one of Gayle's recent projects and will take place on April 26, 2014. As the curator and planner, she is busy coordinating artists, communicating with the Roseville Brewing Company, as well as promoting the new and exciting event partnership that also benefits the Placer SPCA. Since part of the sales proceeds of art and brew will be donated to the Placer SPCA, it is a project dear to her in her love for animals and dogs in particular.

RJ and Lucky currently reside with Gayle. They don’t rule the roost but they truly benefit from the tender care of a mom and pop who believe in taking in a pet with a total commitment to their care. Both RJ and Lucky were rescue dogs. Lucky is 14 years old and RJ who, at two years of age became seriously ill and was not expected to survive, is now 7 years old. Gayle calls RJ her miracle dog but in truth his survival depends on constant care with a strict diet and medication regimen. When RJ's illness hit in the middle of the night, Joe was woken by Lucky's distress over RJ's condition. Upon flying home from a business trip in New York to say goodbye to RJ, Gayle held him in her arms and told him "if you want to live we will do whatever it takes." The commitment to RJ's survival has continued since then and Gayle and Joe are reward by the kind of unconditional love only a dog can give. (You can see a picture of Lucky and RJ in the attached slideshow.)

Since Gayle is the kind of artist who finds that the field of art allows her to “communicate her inner most feelings,” she has developed a large fan base that appreciates not only her style but the heart and feeling that comes alive in her work. She will be showing and offering a variety of her work for sale at the Art & Brew event. Long standing fans are likely to appear and be joined by new admirers of her splendidly textural and moving abstracts, delightful florals, painted cutting boards and more. Sixteen other artists will be joining Gayle in the event in order to provide a well rounded offering of artwork from photography to ceramics, fine paintings, mosaics, sculpture and jewelry.

The Art & Brew artists will also be exhibiting several pieces each at Gini Crepps’ Gallery iQ located at 3700 Midas Ave., Suite B3, Rocklin from April 26 through June 5, 2014. The Art & Brew project developed out of relationships from all corners including Gayle’s association with Gini Crepps as an artist, gallery owner and collaborating artist on the 6-Foot Breast Cancer Ribbon, Gayle's daughter’s former work relationship with the Roseville Brewing Company owner, and her on-going support of rescue animal causes like the Placer SPCA.

Art & Brew will run from 11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. at Roseville Brewing Company located at 501 Derek Place, Roseville. Great brews will be available for purchase along with gourmet foods by Pop-Up! Grub Hub Catering with a variety of menu items including tacos, salads and appetizers. The delicious brews are likely to include some of Roseville Brewing Company’s specialties such as Armstrong Amber, Heavy Rail Pale Ale, Spike Driver, Apricot Wheat, Blackberry Wheat and Orange Chocolate. Oh yum!

President of Roseville Brewing Company, Kelly Rue, says, “We are happy to be involved in this unique event to help give some proceeds to the SPCA and have a great time doing it. We love animals and especially dogs here at Roseville Brewing Company. We have kept our place dog friendly since we opened and love how much they can bring to a community.”

The brewery is comprised of “four local guys who love good beer” and took that love to another form of art. They don’t use paintbrushes or cameras to create their masterpieces but they create some mighty fine expressions with their brew. Kelly Rue, Phil Gottschalk, Scott Hemings and Brett Ratcliff (along with ambassador Kevin) have all put their hearts and soul into the Roseville Brewing Company much like Gayle Rappaport-Weiland puts her heart into her art. Rue continues to say, “Having all the art displayed here in the brewery will be exciting for us since it's the first time this kind of event will be held here. …I can't wait to have all those beautiful works of art hanging here. “

Art & Brew will be an event that welcomes a broad range of attendees from art lovers, to beer lovers and animal lovers. It’s a great mix and is bound to create an atmosphere of multiple appreciation for good things. Gayle says she has always been a “stout girl” and loves dark beer so you might be lucky and catch a glimpse of her sipping an Armstrong Amber while discussing the magic of her art.

The Art & Brew event is free and open to the public. Event organizers hope to welcome the Placer SPCA pet mobile as well with adoptable pets attendees can meet and greet. Visitors will be able to browse the art, speak with artists, shop and enjoy some mighty good craft beer. Gayle Rappaport-Weiland can be reached for more information about Art & Brew or her classes, current art exhibits, consulting services and other upcoming events at (916) 435-4096 or Please see the general announcement article for Art & Brew here, Art & Brew feature articles on photographer Philip Venable here and Scratchboard artist Ann Ranlett here.

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