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Gayle King and Oprah romance innuendos: Oprah's scorned stepmother's revenge?

Oprah and Gayle King, an "unhealthy" relationship claims Oprah's stepmother.
Oprah and Gayle King, an "unhealthy" relationship claims Oprah's stepmother.
Photo by Scott Olson

Who needs enemies when you have a scorned stepmother lurking in the wings ready to strike? It seems as if Oprah’s step-mom is not a fan of hers and she made no apologies for sharing her to perception of Oprah’s world in a recent interview. She starts by calling the relationship Oprah shares with Gayle King as “unhealthy, according to the Gawker on April 24.

“Anytime you looked up they were together,” said Barbara Winfrey, about Gail and Oprah. Through the years there have been rumors that the two were more than friends, with innuendos popping up now and then about a possible romantic relationship between Oprah and her best friend.

According to the After Ellen website, back in 2009 Rosie O’Donnell appeared on Howard Stern’s show and said that she thinks Oprah and Gayle are the “emotional equivalent” of a gay couple. These rumors spiked when Oprah and Gayle’ went on the infamous camping trip together, which is something that Rosie also mentioned while on Stern’s show.

It seems as if Barbara Winfrey might be making a move to stir that pot up once more. This was just the tip of the iceberg as she had so much more Oprah bashing to share during this recent interview. It is apparent that Barbara Winfrey has no love lost for her step-daughter after laying out all the dirty laundry. According to Newsone, Barbara blames Oprah for breaking up her marriage to Vernon Winfrey and rendering her homeless.

She blames Oprah for forcing her out of the home she shared with Oprah’s dad. She said that Oprah’s boyfriend Stedman is so “financially dependent” on her that he is at her “beck and call.” Oprah guaranteed Stedman that his book would make it to the bestseller list and she purchased a warehouse full of his books.

Barbara said that when Oprah took her family on an 11-day cruise she didn’t talk to anyone, only Gayle. She used Gayle as a go-between when needing to speak with her family. Another reveal is that when Oprah gets stressed she heads for the potatoes.

She “stress-eats” any kind of potato she can find, says Oprah’s step-mom. As far as Oprah and Gayle, Barbara said she didn’t think that Oprah could go it alone without Gayle.

She thinks her stepdaughter depends on Gayle much more than Gayle depends or her. Skin color is an obsession with Oprah, said the scorned stepmother. She envies Stedman’s lighter “high yellow” skin tone. She refers to her dad and step-mom as “Negros” due to their skin color said Barbara.

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