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Gayle King and Oprah's relationship is 'bizarre' according to Oprah's stepmom

Gayle King
Photo by Rob Kim

Gayle King and Oprah are best friends and always say that it is nothing more than that between them. On Thursday, News Max shared how Oprah's step-mom is now speaking out about the relationship. She is actually divorcing Oprah's dad so now she feels like it is time that she can really say what is on her mind.

Barbara Winfrey described the relationship between Gayle and Oprah as "bizarre." She even went on to say that their relationship is the reason that neither woman is married. They have always denied that they are in a relationship together but this is really making it sound like there is more to it than they are admitting.

Stedman Graham is Oprah's boyfriend and he is still in her life. Barbara made it sound like he is only around for money and convenience not because they are totally in love with each other. She even shared that Oprah has an intercom system in her house and when she met her for the first time they called her on that system to go for a walk. She went walking with Oprah and Gayle where they both asked her a ton of questions.

Gawker explained more about what Barbara had to say. She even revealed that Oprah bought an entire warehouse of Stedman's book when it came out to make sure he hit the best seller list. She has the money to do whatever she wants so she helped him out.

When Oprah and Gayle talk about each other, it's as "we." It really does appear that there could be more to it. Even if they aren't involved in a relationship they have a very tight emotional bond that can be confusing. It seems like Gayle is the most important person in her life.They are very dependent on each other but Barbara says that Oprah depends on Gayle more than Gayle depends on her.

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