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Gay teens eyes rejected for organ donation

Alexander “AJ” Betts

In surprising news, Alexander “AJ” Betts had his eyes rejected for organ donation simply because he was gay. On Friday, News Oxy shared more about what went on. The eyes were denied due to a Food and Drug Administration policy. A lot of people are not happy to hear this news.

This teen committed suicide right after news came out that he was gay. His family wanted to donate his organs, but his eyes were unable to be donated. The thing is his eyes were the only things denied. His liver, lungs, kidneys, and heart had been accepted. For some reason they would not let them donate the eyes because his mom couldn't confirm if he was sexually active in the last five years or not.

Men who have had sex with another man can't donate blood at all. If they have had sex with a man within five years, they can't donate their "human cells, tissues and cellular and tissue-phased products." It has to do with not wanting to accidentally spread a disease to the person that they donated the part of their body to and they are trying to keep this from happening.

There have been people fighting for years to make it where gay men can donate blood. There have even been blood drives made just for them, but the blood can't be used. This new case is bringing up awareness to everything that gay people are not allowed to do that can save a life.

Inquistr shared that some people are hoping that this changes in the future. Glenn Cohen, a bioethics law professor at the Harvard Law School, is really hoping for a change. Alexander's mother is also hoping that things will end up changing and she wants to make sure that in the future lives can be changed by these body parts being able to be donated to people who need them.

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