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Gay roommate, straight roommate


         The living arrangement between a gay and straight person can sometimes be a complicated situation. Both roommates having to deal with and accept the cultural differences between them tend to cause problems. It is not unusual for a gay and straight person to become roommates, but most issues occur when lifestyle choices come into effect.
         Having a roommate that differs from you culturally can put you in a difficult position, and it also teaches you a valuable lesson. It teaches you a lesson of acceptance for all things. In addition to the different lifestyle of the two cultures, and the lack of acceptance of homosexuality in mainstream society makes living together worse. Some gay people start to question whether their roommates are accepting of their lifestyle choices, or ignorant to the lifestyle of homosexuality.
        Having a roommate is like being in a relationship with your lover, meaning communication is the key to any successful relationship. When your roommate is culturally different from you, you must continue to keep an open mind about issues that involve the both you.
        Lately I am finding that many of my gay friends with straight roommates are opting to get out of roommate situations because of the differences in lifestyles, it is always best to sit down together before moving into a living situation to find out if the living arrangements are best for you and the person you plan to room with.


  • Straight Guy 5 years ago

    No. No. All the lifestyle issues are easily solvable, IF both sides are open minded. We tackle this stuff all the time on our blog ( The tough problem is when the gay roommate falls in love with the straight one (it happens, and they keep asking for our advice). But getting the hots for a roommate almost always leads to trouble, gay or straight.

  • Ron 5 years ago

    I agree. I remember how strange it was when my gay roommate asked me why his bi-boyfriend preferred his girlfriend to him. On the one hand I wanted to be compassionate as he was obviously in distress. But on the other hand, I wanted to scream, hey dude, its only natural for a guy to prefer to have sex with a girl.