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Gay rapper Fly Young Red lets it be known 'U Don't Want It' in new music video

Gay Rapper 'Fly Young Red' fans got a surprise today September 5, 2014, which happens to be the Houston-based rapper's birthday. The talented lyricist released a new video for "U Don't Want It"- another hit off of his frenetic mixtape "Pretty Boy Realness".

Most hip hop fans were first introduced to Fly Young Red when he set the internet ablaze by the release of his controversial club hit "Throw That Boy P". The explicit, in your face video, featured Fly Young Red flowing about his desire for some "Boy P*" while scantily-clad dressed guys twerked for their life. The video garnered millions of views across multiple video platforms and instantly became the topic of discussion with everyone from the water cooler to the streets. Well now Fly Young Red is back with a follow-up visual that is setting a completely different tone. In the visual, Fly Young Red sets the tone with his smooth, yet powerful rhymes being delivering over the OVO produced "Worst Behavior" Drake track.

Fly Young Red delivers one of his finest performances in "U Don't Want It" with that fiery flow of his as a harsh display of the message brings everything together. As the gay rapper is attesting to wanting to "preach to my people like a preacher in a pulpit" the images of a "butch" lesbian, a female impersonator, a hip hop dj, a transgender woman, and others are imposed onto the screen as a gritty representation of members of the LGBT family. Such lines like "you watch Tyler Perry be Madea cause he's funny and stuff- but you put your gay son out, guess he wasn't funny enough", draws attention to the struggles that many homosexuals face with explicit disassociation and support from their families.

When sitting down with BET earlier this year to discuss the media frenzy around his hit "Throw That Boy P*", Fly Young Red made it known that he is here to represent the voice of gay men just like himself. When the honeySPOT asked what's next is his plan of music pioneering, he proudly affirmed in an unaplogetic nature, that he will continue to push the messages, the messages that people like him can relate with. So here he is- Fly Young Red is back with a completely different visual this time, a completely different voice, and a completely different message in "U Don't Want It".

As a birthday bonus, Fly Young Red, also released the visuals for the remix to his hit "Throw That Boy P*". Fly Young Red's mixtape "Pretty Boy Realness" can be downloaded on He can be followed on Instagram at Fly_Young_Red and on Twitter at @Red_Hustla.

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