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Gay priest witch hunt catches three on video in sex clubs

Still from video showing Catholic priest having sex in an Italian gay bar
Still from video showing Catholic priest having sex in an Italian gay bar
Panorama Magazine


  • Tom :Leal 5 years ago

    "Shocked"??? Is that because only three priests showed up on the tapes?

    Kelvin, a legal technicality . . .
    "Celibacy" is a vow only to remain single or unmarried, not to refrain from sexual activity. "Chastity" is a vow to abstain from sexual activity and priests do not take this vow. Because sex outside of marriage is a mortal sin, a vow of celibacy might imply one of chastity. However, a mortal sin can be confessed and absolved--slate wiped clean. Priests often help each other out with easy confessions. BTW, nuns do NOT take a vow of celibacy; they marry Christ with their final vows ("brides of Christ") and wear a wedding band. They take a vow of chastity instead.

  • International LGBT Examiner Kelvin Lynch 5 years ago

    Thanks for calling attention to the distinction. However, Merriam-Webster defines celibacy as both abstaining from sexual intercourse, the state of being unmarried, or abstention by vow of marriage.

    I'm not sure if the Catholic church uses a different definition, but it appears they don't, since they force their priests to abstain from sex by taking a vow of celibacy (whether express or implied).

    Merriam-Webster defines chastity as abstention from unlawful sexual intercourse or abstention from all sexual intercourse.

  • Toby 5 years ago

    If the Catholic church could get over it's issues with gays and with sex and support both priest marrying and same-sex marriage, maybe these men of the cloth could actually marry and have sex inside a loving committed relationship instead of in a nightclub. Someday, we can old hope.

  • peaceatheart 5 years ago

    The church should allow priests to marry. This would resolve many problems. What I find shocked and repulsing is not that the priest is gay but that he was making fun of his religion by dressing up as a priest for sex. I am appalled and disgusted by this act. It's horrible to see a priest doing this.
    As a religious person and a person that has a master degree in Religion Studies. I am deeply insulted and hope that the Vatican will remove such people.
    I am so happy that their is a "witch hunt" on such priest. I want my religion to be purified from pedophiles and false priests.
    I want and the Vatican MUST take action NOW!!!

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