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Gay panic claim in Puerto Vallarta murder case


Blue Chairs Beach.  Photo by:  Ed Walsh

A 17-year-old boy is under arrest in Puerto Vallarta after confessing to police that he killed a man who made an unwanted sexual advance.

According to published reports in the Mexican media, the body of the victim, Sergio Daniel Baltasar Guerra, was found  early Sunday morning, August 9, near the seahorse statue, on Los Muertos beach, just south of the gay Blue Chairs section of that beach.  The victim was between 25-30 years old and had been a manager at a local supermarket.
The teen said he met the victim late Saturday night after the man had driven by him and asked him if he wanted to go for a ride.   He said he accepted because he had nothing better to do.  The pair walked south along the Malecon  then along  the beach to the seahorse statue.   The teenager said the man dropped his pants and began to masturbate.  He said the man asked him to join him but he refused.   He said the man then grabbed his buttocks and that made him upset.   The 17-year-od  then pulled out a knife and stabbed the man in the neck.

The teen took a cab home after the killing.   He was traced to the killing a suspicious cab driver.

Below is a rough translation of an article in the Mexican newspaper, Meridiano.  The translation is thanks to a poster on Yahoo’s Gay Travel Group:

This is the report from SEGURIDAD PUBLICA stating that at 01.17 this Sunday august 9th was reported by a male who was exercising at Los Muertos Beach, next to the seahorse was a person lying on the sand, unconscious.
Upon arrival, policeman from unit PV-9 informed the person was dead. Later the MINISTERIO PUBLICO agent showed up the 3 reported the person was dead. Subsequently the agent of the Public Ministry Hector Villalbazo Medina, the Police Investigating the Head of Group of homicides, Moses Cruz Gutierrez, as well as the expert in Forensic Sciences Ramón Covarrubias Munoz arrived to determine that The person to simple view presented no signs of violence, but in revising the expert realized that had a wound sharp shear entry among the right shoulder and neck.
The deceased wore black jeans, white shirt, white belt, 25 to 30 years of age, his name was Sergio Daniel Baltasar Guerra, he was chef cashier at Casa Ley supermarket, this information was provided by security agent Octavio Diaz from hotel Meza del Mar who was at the scene of the crime at that moment.
The body was taken to the SERVICIO MEDICO FORENSE to perform autopsy. Later that afternoon in the delegacion of PGJE (Procuraduria General de Justicia del Estado) informed that the presumed murderer was under arrest. This due to the report from the taxi driver to the police. His name is Daniel Emmanuel Ornelas Machado 17 years old claiming his parents live by Lazaro Cardenas street on Pitillal, he stated he lives on the street.
Abut how the events occurred, he recounted that he was in the house of his friend Jose de Jesus Parra Huerta and when they went out, a white VW JETTA passed by and the guy driving it asked him to go for a ride.
Since he had nothing better to do he jumped into the car and drove downtown. They walked the Malecon and headed towards the Horse Statue, once there, the guy dropped his pants off and started masturbating himself and asked Daniel to join him, but Daniel said no, and asked him not to bother him while he was walking away, but the murdered grabbed Daniel´s buttocks and that made Daniel very upset, he pulled out a knife from his pants and stabbed his neck and fell down. He ran out of there and took a taxi, a few hours later he was caught.
The MINISTERIO PUBLICO agent created the report for intentional murder, but since is an underage; it will be turned to Special Judge for teen malefactor.